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Just Mobile’s Xtand Pro: ‘X marks the spot!’

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Just Mobile’s Xtand Pro


Just Mobile’s Xtand Pro ($79.95) is an angled riser that supports up to 17” laptops. Even upon first opening the box, one is immediately stuck by the product’s beauty, as the mostly black packaging starkly contrasts with the stand’s silver finish.

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This product is composed of three pieces (X-shaped top, a support bar, and oval base). Moreover, two support bars are included (12 cm and 4.5 cm) allowing for variations in the stand’s height. Light assembly (utilizing a quarter in place of a screwdriver) is required to screw the three, core pieces together.

Composed from aluminum, the Xtand Pro is extremely light and weighs only 2 lbs in its tallest configuration. Additionally, Just Mobile constructed this stand to fully protect one’s computer by placing non-slip feet on the base as well as cushioning on the top along with a ledge for support. Interestingly, Just Mobile even cut a groove on the base to hold pens or small accessories.

The Xtand Pro has a truly gorgeous aesthetic; yet, it too is functional by improving airflow around a computer and potentially allowing a machine to run at a lower temperature. Furthermore, by lifting up a laptop’s screen, this author found that he had less eye and neck strain, as compared to lying his computer on top of a desk. Appropriately, Just Mobile printed the phrase “iconic Macbook Pro stand” upon Xtand Pro’s box. This author not only agrees, but, also, believes it is perfect for any Apple laptops (including Macbook Air’s and Macbook’s) as well as PC’s.

Rating: 5 out of 5