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Just Mobile’s HeadStand: Archnemesis of clutter!

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Just Mobile’s HeadStand


How do you store your headphones? Earbuds can easily be wound around themselves, but, for headphones, the large ear cups make a similar storage strategy untidy. Commonly, I leave them on the desk to ultimately find that they have fallen onto the floor. Enter the solution: Just Mobile’s HeadStand ($49.95) -- a freestanding, aluminum hook for one’s headphones that is available in either a black or silver finish.

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Packaging was uncomplicated and clean. Moreover, the HeadStand includes just two pieces to assemble (i.e., the circular base and dual pillars with a hook). Upon removing the base from the box, a straightforward black and white schematic is revealed, showing the proper assembly of the pieces via two, 2 cm long screws.

The HeadStand is beautifully designed with brushed aluminum on the pillars/hook and a radial polishing on the base. The hook is 6.5 cm long and can hold two sets of headphones, simultaneously. Interestingly, the base serves a secondary, “decluttering” function by allowing its user to wrap up excess audio cable.

The price tag is higher than that of its competition, but in this case “you get what you pay for” with superior construction and high-quality materials. In turn, both the hefty total weight of 12.5 oz and a base lined with a non-slip pad, leads this author to confidently believe that the HeadStand will not let him, or his headphones, down. OK, bad pun from this author, but very good product from Just Mobile.

Of note, this stand allows headphones to hang for approximately 22 cm; so, if you have a longer product, this stand may not be the proper solution.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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