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Junior's Pizzeria - Just like 9th Avenue in NY

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Junior's Pizzeria


Junior's Pizzeria
2908 Oak Lake Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 329-0700

I was nearby the old Charlotte Coliseum area, on my way to another lunchtime spot when I saw this place and realized it was usually crowded. This fact, in and of itself is often somewhat meaningless in a town like Charlotte. A lot of people live and work here and it was lunchtime, after all. Some people who believe they don’t have alternatives may just simply not know any better. But this place seemed worth the wait for some reason. And it is.

The wait time for ordering and receiving food was a little long (which was understandable for the lunch rush) but when pizza arrived the quality more than made up for it. True authentic New York Italian cuisine and served hot and fresh. The pizza was served on a tin pan reminiscent of the old days in New York at places like Rays Famous. The slices are gigantic. I had a slice of the chicken parm and a slice of peperoni & sausage. I could not finish them both. My friend ordered a calzone and it was also straight up off the hanger. (If I invite you to lunch – and pay for it, I will sample your food. If that is not acceptable to you, then take it on the arches and dangle.)
On my most recent return trip I had the Stromboli and it was very good as well, along with a slice to go.
Most people will agree that the secret to good NY style pizza is the crust. Junior’s pizza crust has a good combination-ratio of crispy/chewiness and above all, the crust is thin - but not too thin.

Another impressive aspect of this place is that when you visit the website it takes you directly to a full menu with prices. Even if the food wasn’t as good, they would get an A+ from me for that move alone, which is greatly appreciated by those of us who aren’t pretentious posers and just want a good meal at a reasonable price. Overall I recommend this place for lunch or an early dinner.

Their hours are Monday through Saturday, 11AM to 8PM.
Expect a crowd at lunchtime. But the pizza is well worth the wait.