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June lootcrate

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So I've deside I would cover the themes of this months crate and also share the preview info I have about next months in this main article and review the items in the side show. So read this, learn about the giveaway and next months crate, then check out to slide show or vice-versa.

So this months Loot Crate is transformers themed and I have to say this is my favorite crate so far. My close nerd buddies all know I'm a huge transformers fan to the point that my desk in collect was home to a number of bots and cons. I high school me and a buddy would spend our lunch hours randomly designing our own transformers. My RPG collection even includes a copy of Mechamorphosis and I also own the Let's Draw Manga: Transforming Robots book in my drawing collection. So yeah, I'm a big Transformers fan.

I'm totally thinking about dropping some more cash to get more of the vinal figures that were one of the items in this crate. Lootcrate is having a huge sale of transformer items this weekend on their web site if there is any of the items in the crate you would like to order.

As I'm sans Xbox for the time being I'm willing to give away the starter kit code for Major League Gaming. To do this you need to tweet at me with the hash-tags #gimmeloot and tell me why you should get the promo code. I'll pick a winner on the 4th of July.

Lastly I want to let you all know what is coming in next months crate. The theme is Villians and the teaser art is a crazy three panels of Deadpool, The Joker, and Venom. the offical teaser blurb is as follows... "July has been a blast curating! The team put together what we believe to be a legendary homage to the baddies that everyone loves to hate. Not only does the VILLAINS crate include an exclusive shirt, but we’re honored to be teaming up with Marvel to get you a special Looter Exclusive variant comic cover from one of their newest comic series. July’s crate has three exclusive items, and some awesome new surprises."

So right off the bat we are getting an alt-cover comic book as well a t-shirt. Like I've said before remember to order one shirt-size larger because they shirk in the wash. Subscribe now with this link!

That's all for now.

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