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JumboMax golf grips prove that bigger is better

Bigger is better, according to JumboMax Grips

JumboMax Golf Grips


You’ve seen the commercial. One guy in the regular foursome is playing with JumboMax grips on all his clubs. A playing partner says that if he loses to his buddy who is playing the large grips, he will wear a skirt the next time they play.

The next scene shows him in a pink skirt, strolling to the front tees.

It’s a memorable commercial, but the best news is, the grips actually work.

In independent player testing administered by GolfTest USA, JumboMax® Golf Grips outperformed standard golf grips in head-to-head testing in nearly every category and were awarded the company's Seal of Excellence and its Highest Achievement Award.

GolfTest USA indentified 40 golfers with swing speeds ranging from 75 to 105 MPH and had them hit shots with drivers and wedges. The drivers and wedges used in the test were identical with the only difference being the grips. One set of clubs had standard OEM golf grips and one set had the JumboMax grips.

Results with the JumboMax Grips versus the standard grips showed improvement in nearly all categories tested including Carry Distance, Total Distance, Clubhead Speed, Smash Factor and Wedge Dispersion, according to GolfTest USA.

Particularly impressive was the 10+ yard Increase (6.2%) in Carry Distance that testers experienced with the Driver and the 22.8% better dispersion average they experienced in the Wedge test.

The super-oversized JumboMax Grip, with its patented design and larger diameter, provides a more secure Finger-Palm™ Grip which makes for a tension-free connection to the club, promoting relaxed grip pressure.

JumboMax grips retail at $10.99. For more information visit

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