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July 2014 loot

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July 2014 Loot Crate subscription box


That time of month again for me to review another sweet Loot Crate box. This months theme was Villains which means comics. IF you are a big comic book nerd then this crate was totally up your ally. For me comics were the nerd gateway that lead me into the table-top and card games that fill my life today. In fact it was in a comic price guide that I was first exposed to Magic the Gathering. One full page add for the Ice Age set sent me on a quest that lead me to the Star Wars CCG and later into Magic. So Comics are my nerd roots.

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With this crate we get a cool mash-up t-shirt of the Joker and Loki. A special alternate cover of Rocket Racoon #1; a series I plan to read all the way through. After these two items the crate is kind of weak and not all that awesome, but hey not every crate can be a home-run for everyone.

Now as for next month's theme... Well, I'll let the folks at Loot Crate HQ say it themselves.

"You didn't think we'd let the bad guys have all the glory. This month we have assembled an awesome collection that celebrates the good guys. Items in our crate draw from HEROES in both geek & gamer lore, and thanks to a partnership with our friends at Funko, you'll get a very special exclusive POP! collectible that you will not find ANYWHERE else. Last but not least, our custom box last month was so well received that you'll get another surprise when you open your August one!"

Don't miss out follow this link to get your own Hero's Crate this month.

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