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Juliette Jules' Black Crow EP - A Review

Juliette Jules' Black Crow EP


One listen to Juliette Jules and her vocals will leave an impact on you. The uniqueness and purity is immediately noticed. Training in classical piano beginning at the age of eight and in opera at age fourteen, Jules is no stranger to music. Jules' upbringing allowed her to become influenced by a multitude of sounds including the original punk bands such as the Clash and Dead Kennedys. On this EP, entitled, Black Crow, Jules' emotive and delicate sound soars.

Juliette Jules - Black Crow
Juliette Jules

The opener "Johnny Was," is an interesting tale that must be listened to to obtain its full effect. The title track is reminiscent of many of the singer-songwriters of the late 60s and into the 1970s. Full of honest expression and a hauntingly bittersweet melody, it is extremely memorable while "The Game," offers a simple sound with its piano opening and Juliette's soft approach to the lyrics.

"Hallelujah" is a cover of Jeff Buckley's hit. Juliette's voice offers a different sound and a different emotion to the song its passionate and symphonious keeping with the mellow expression the song itself echoes. The finale "To The Mountains" ends Black Crow on an folk note. The song showcases Juliette's artistic sound and allows for her opera training to shine through.

From Paris, France, Juliette Jules is noted as having direct appeal to all ages because of her classic and alternative sounding voice. In June of 2013, manager and producer Peter Karroll heard her singing in a Paris park and was immediately taken aback by what he was hearing. "I was in a conversation with my weight and neighbors while dozens of children played on a playground, from behind us we heard a voice. It was as if the park was instantly converted to a grand concert hall. The park became quiet and we all turned and there was Juliette Jules. Her back to us playing the acoustic and singing in the purest voice imaginable. She was singing songs to a friend who sat facing her smiling. Juliette would end each song and they would laugh and talk. It was an incredible moment to experience." Listeners of Black Crow will have a similar experience as it is playing.

Final Grade: A

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