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JUGGLE BUBBLES Creates Something Special For Kids of All Ages

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There's nothing like activities you can do with kids of all ages that will not just capture their attention but make them WANT to participate. That is exactly what JUGGLE BUBBLES does, and with one box they give you everything you need to create hours of fun.

I had seen the commercials on television, but we all know that things can sometimes seem too good to be true. Not so in this case. Through the activity box that you can get from your favorite retailer or online through the website you are equipped with EVERYTHING you will need to get started: the bubble tray, the bubble blower, the special bubble solution and the pair of gloves that makes this so much more than your normal "blowing bubbles" experience.

Now, you should read the instructions (though it is pretty simple to get started) so that you know the key to 1) properly blowing the bubbles and 2) how to release it from the blower. Once you get that part down, let the fun begin!

My nephew Atavion (who's 7 years old) LOVED it from the very beginning, and everytime he comes over to the house he wants to "play with the bubbles". If you purchase it online you can get 2 activity boxes for the price of one, therefore doubling the experience and making it easier to enjoy it with a playmate. Before we got a second box, I simply gave my nephew one glove and my cousin the other and let them play that way. Not as convenient but it will do if you just happen to buy one box and have to wait until you get another.

Definitely something that is well worth the expense, JUGGLE BUBBLES will prove to be a hit for those active ones in your life. Get yours at