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Jubilee Theatre reaches new heights

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The Mountaintop


The Mountaintop

by Katori Hall

runs through March 2, 2014

Fort Worth is very fortunate to have a group of people who believe strongly in bringing top caliber works to the DFW area. Due to copyright laws many productions are only available in limited cities. The Mountaintop is one of those productions, but thanks to the folks at Jubiliee Theatre you can now see this controversial play here in Fort Worth.

This production is one that will evoke a plethora of emotions. The performance begins with a summary of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. being read. This reading includes little known personal facts about Dr. King as well as pivotal moments in history.

The first things Dr. King, played by Bryan Pitts does when he enters the set is pee and smoke a cigarette. This sets the tone for the remainder of the production whose focus is to show the human side of this legendary hero. Mr. Pitts does an outstanding job showing the vulnerability of Dr. King, throughout this story. He captures the fears and stress that Dr. King suffered when he choose to make a stand and fight for human equality. Dr. King was a natural born leader but this did not alleviate the toll this took on him both physically and mentally.

Ashley Wilkerson, plays Camae, a maid who was sent in to "take care" of Dr. King. Just how she does this changes several times throughout the story. She will have you laughing, crying and sometimes just shaking your head. Camae has wit, spunk and smarts and uses these to connect with Dr. King and the audience.

This story takes place in that infamous Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel. The stage managers add just a few elements near the end to emphasize the dramatic changes as the story evolves. I do not want to reveal too much, but can tell you this, these small changes will transport you out of the hotel room and up to the mountaintop.

Just one set and two actors, is this enough to convey the message of weakness of humanity within a leader? In the hands of the staff of Jubilee Theater, the answer is a resounding, "Yes!'

In the end, the production comes full circle as it once again is a summary of history. This time it is not that of Martin Luther King, Jr. but of us, the people of the United States of America. You will leave with the challenge of how you, an ordinary human, with all you weaknesses and strengths will play a part in the world around you. It is something we do everyday by our decisions and actions.

For more information or to make reservations, call (817) 338-4411.

Jubilee Theatre

506 Main Street

Fort Worth, TX 76102