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JOYSTICK-IT; A joystick for your smartphone

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One of the big perks to having a smartphone is all the great games available to play on it. was kind enough to send Examiner an awesome smartphone gaming accessory to review; Joystick-It, game joystick for smartphones. This little accessory allows users to play games with a realistic arcade joystick control.

The joystick adheres to a smartphone’s touchscreen with a simple suction cup. The accessory is small so it doesn't take up much of your screen. It’s just large enough to fit in the circular directional pad area used in many game apps. A capacitive foam padding is under the joystick control so when you move the joystick to the left the foam touches the screen to the left moving your game avatar and allowing you to play as if you were using your finger or an old school joystick at an arcade. A simple and functional design.

This is one of the coolest gaming accessories available for your smartphone. It looks great and has a real retro feel. Interestingly enough however, the joystick may work better with newer games opposed to the retro arcade games that have been made into smartphone apps. Games like "PAC-MAN" may have been designed for a joystick with simple directional controls but they also require a lot of precision when it come to dodging those ghosts, and the Joystick-It accessory won’t always allow you to make those sharp turns. Games with broad directional controls like "Dungeon Defenders" or "Minigore" work quite well with the Joystick though.

Gaming with a joystick on your Smartphone can be great but there are some disadvantages. First of all because the accessory is just using a suction cup to hold on gravity will cause the device to slowly slide down your screen if not placed flat or pressed down towards your screen. Also while gaming its not unusual for the joystick to come unstuck from the screen. It may take a while to get used to using the joystick at first but once you do its pretty fun to play with.

Only games with joystick controls will work with this accessory and it works better with games with broad directional controls due to it’s lack of precision. That said, the device is pretty neat to play around with and can enhance some of your favorite games. Joystick-It comes in a small smartphone model or a larger tablet model for a reasonable $6.50 at This accessory makes a fun treat for yourself or a unique and affordable gift. Head over to to check out the Joystick-It smartphone or tablet gaming accessory and see all the great computer, tablet and smartphone accessories they have available.