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Journey to 'Atlantis'

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


One of the new television shows this season is "Atlantis." Narratives based on the appeal of the underwater civilization of Atlantis have been around for centuries. The 2001 film "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" offers a contemporary take on this very old story.

"Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is set in 1914. In the film, Milo Thatch (voiced by Michael J. Fox) works in the boiler room of a museum. He is convinced that the city of Atlantis is real, but he is struggling to get the funds for a voyage. He meets a friend of his grandfather, who has a journal that tells about reaching the city, and wants Milo to head the expedition. Milo is very excited to do this.

This movie has great animation. The ship used by the crew to go to Atlantis looks very impressive. When they reach the city, it also looks great. Dozens or even hundreds of shades of blue were used to construct it, and it is visually stunning.

There are some very exciting action scenes in the film. One memorable scene is the opening, which shows the city of Atlantis being destroyed.

The voice-over acting is very good. Michael J. Fox is perfectly cast as Milo. He is not a traditional action hero since he is short and thin. Leonard Nimoy is also strong. He plays the king of Atlantis.

"Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is well-worth seeing for its great visuals and action scenes.