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Joss Whedon's space western 'Serenity' flies again in comics

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 (Dark Horse Comics)


With Joss Whedon's programs ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel") finding new life and even continuation in comics after five or more seasons, fans have wondered when Whedon's shortest series, "Firefly", would have its story progress, even after the 2005 feature film, "Serenity". There have been a few "Firefly" miniseries but they filled the gaps between the show and the movie. Not until the one-shot "Float On" (written by Patton Oswalt) and 2012's mini-issue for Free Comic Book Day, that the 'Verse had been expanded in print form. Even more sadly, the majority of the comics just weren't great.

Cover by Dan Dos Santos
Dark Horse Comics

Whedon's brother Zack, who has also written comics for "Dr. Horrible", takes us eight months after the events of "Serenity". Thanks to our big damn heroes, the secret of the terraformed planet Miranda is known throughout the universe. Debate rages in the public forum as to its validity but there are groups that this information has riled up: the Alliance and the New Resistance. They're on opposite sides but both are looking for Malcolm Reynolds and his ragtag band of bandits. The entire galaxy isn't big enough for Mal and company to hide from everyone that's coming for them.

All of our beloved (still-living and one not-so living) characters are re-introduced, many in new roles or situations. The changes make sense after everything that's happened. Fans should feel elated as this book feels like the show more than any previous. Georges Jeanty's ("Buffy") pencils and Joss Whedon's characters continue to make for a delightful marriage. Every face is so subtly expressive, yet there is no question what the characters are emoting. Often, a TV tie-in comic is something you have to read because it's there but you wished it wouldn't be. This one makes you long for the show to return because the comic proves the stories are still engaging.

Issue #1 of "Serenity: Leaves on the Wind" comes out Jan 29, followed up quickly by issue #2 on Feb 14 from Dark Horse Comics. If you like this review, please click "subscribe" so you never miss one.