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Joseph: beyond the coat of many colors, by Mary Englund Murphy

AMG Publishers
AMG Publishers
by Mary Englund Murphy

Go beyond the Sunday school story. See Joseph as you never have before.


Bible Study Groups—Seattle, WA:

Joseph: beyond the coat of many colors, following God character series, by Mary Englund Murphy, AMG Publishers, 2011, Ages 18 & Up, 192 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0899573335, $14.99

Easter often brings a desire to draw close to the Lord. Josephs’ story of how God turned the tragedy of his brother’s jealousy into the triumph of Joseph’s divine destiny highlights the human condition Jesus died on the cross for.

Although fearful after being thrown into a well and then sold to slave traders, Joseph’s story ends in triumph, both personally and professionally. From Joseph’s powerful role as Pharaoh’s second in command to the blessing of forgiveness toward the brothers who wished him dead.

Even though thousands of years separate readers from Old Testament Joseph, this eight-week Bible study reveals we share more similarities than differences in spite of disparate cultures. Issues of sibling rivalry, dysfunctional families, depression, distrust, working at jobs we don’t like and the need to walk by faith still plague us today as it did then.

This Bible study is so much more than a children’s Bible story. Joseph’s narrative offers hope, encouragement and practical answers to problems we struggle with today, such as blended families, broken relationships, issues of forgiveness and other problems named in the previous paragraph.

If you want to learn to develop patience and trust, gain insightful truths, this study is for you. It teaches that God is in control of every situation and circumstance because He has a plan to work out in your life as He did in the life of Joseph. This is not one to miss!

Back Cover Copy:

Go beyond the Sunday school story. See Joseph as you never have before.

Perhaps more than any other biblical narrative, Joseph’s life is a down-to-earth model for everyday relationships. Joseph was a lonely little boy ignored by his brothers yet coddled by his parents. Feel his fear in the pit; follow his caravan to Egypt; stand with him on the slave auction block. You will experience his struggle for sexual purity, go with him to the dungeons of Egypt, rejoice in his rise to power, and weep as he forgives the hurt and betrayal of his brothers.

This interactive workbook study will detail each aspect of Joseph’s life and show readers how to relate it to their own temptations and struggles with envy, disappointment, betrayal, purity, power and forgiveness—for to one degree or another, each of us is living a Joseph life.


• Lesson One—You don’t get to choose your family

• Lesson Two—Taking sibling rivalry to new heights

• Lesson Three—When life is the pits

• Lesson Four—I didn’t apply for the job

• Lesson Five—Walking by faith—Again!

• Lesson Six—Life at the top

• Lesson Seven—The real test of character

• Lesson Eight—Joseph: the real deal

Mary Englund Murphy speaks at retreats, banquets, and special events. She is the author of the book, Winning the Battle of the Bulge: It’s Not Just About the Weight, endorsed by Dr. Kevin Leman, Mary and her husband, Bill, make their home in Tulsa, OK where Bill pastors Calvary Bible Church.

Twitter: @GailWelborn

FaceBook: Gail Welborn



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