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Jolly Ollies Pizza & Pub

Spaghetti with red sauce
Spaghetti with red sauceCindy Bolton

Jolly Ollies Pizza and Pub


There is a new pizza joint in Hendersonville Tennessee. Just of Main Street on New Shackle Island Road you will find Jolly Ollies Pizza Pub. This location has been quite a few different restaurants over the past number of years but Italian seems to be a constant theme to all of them.

When you enter the building you have a choice of sitting downstairs in the dinning room or sitting upstairs in the bar area. Both areas were dimly lit and not very inviting. Upstairs there are pool tables and TV's on every wall. Downstairs it is much the same minus the pool tables. They just remodeled and reopened and I would have expected the decor to be much brighter and remodeled. The inside still looks old and dreary. It hasn't changes since three restaurants ago.

We shared a plate of spaghetti and the 14 inch Maui Wowee. (AKA Hawaiian). Both were good. The pizza was thin crust but not the cracker thin kind with just the right amount of toppings to cheese ratio. The spaghetti was flavorful but I don't think the sauce was from scratch. More like some Ragu/Prego with a few extra spices added for some sweetness. Whatever it was it was tasty. The only down side to the spaghetti was the amount of cheese on top. They are very liberal with the cheese.

By the time we left I was so full on cheese I didn't feel well. All and all the food was tasty but I probably won't come back.