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Join the journey into the mystery of K2 in ‘The Summit’

The Summit


The world of the documentary is one that offers the most diverse varieties of subject matter out there. For a good documentary to work it has to have interesting subject matter and a unique structure to help it stand out. The latest, The Summit looks to shed some light on one of the most tragically mysterious happenings in mountain climbing.

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IFC Films

The summit follows the story of the deadliest day on the world's most dangerous mountain, when 11 climbers mysteriously perished on K2. The idea behind putting this film together was definently a creative approach, but ends up becoming a bit confusing. The documentary side does offer an interesting insight to what occurred, but never really gives more information that was probably already out there. The reenactments surely added to the excitement of the story, but just felt unnecessary. The mystery of the story itself was enough for it to carry enough meat to weave a compelling story, but the attempt to do more with it often made it a bit hard to follow. For much of the film it seemed to just repeat itself for no real reason and in turn makes you wonder if you missed something. Visually it is both beautiful to look at as well as bringing a terrifying look at the dangers of mountain climbing that we all know about but never really think about it.

When you check out a documentary you hope to leave with more information than you had going in and if you are not an avid mountain climber you will, but sadly you don’t leave with much more about this mystery solved. There is obvious no way to really explain it all, but if you set out to tell this story then you have to have a reason more than to just tell what is already out there. This is a movie that will appeal more directly to those involved in mountain climbing, but may lose everyone else. Find out for yourself when The Summit hits stores on February 11th.

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