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Johnny Rockets is right at home in Knott’s Berry Farm (Photos)

Johnny Rockets - Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California


Johnny Rockets, home of “the Original Hamburger,” in Knott’s Berry Farm effectively brought back a feeling of nostalgia for a 50’s era diner complete with the booths that had individual Jukeboxes and the counter with its stools. The music played songs from the 50’s too. Our waiter’s name was Fabian. Though he gave us his real name in passing, I missed it.

50’s look poster in Johnny Rockets diner and family restaurant in Knott’s Berry Farm adds authenticity. They are famous for their hamburgers and shakes.
John R. Aberle
Johnny Rockets 50’s diner and family restaurant serves hamburgers and shakes in Knott’s Berry Farm
John R. Aberle

As could be expected in an amusement park, this is definitely a family restaurant. There were many children there while we ate. We also got a bonus of watching Knott’s Christmas Parade right outside after we ate.

Fresh brewed iced tea - $4.25

I was delighted to find that they have fresh brewed iced tea at Johnny Rockets. A friend who also likes fresh brewed iced tea mentioned that it’s the only place in Knott’s Berry Park where you can get it fresh brewed. Johnny Rockets has another distinction in that their iced tea, at $4.25, is the most expensive I’ve ever paid. On the positive, I was able to get one. I’m a fresh brewed iced tea aficionado so I was delighted to be able to get it even at that price. Fortunately they offered refills.

Sweet potato fries – $6.50

The other thing we really enjoyed was their sweet potato fries, which were thin and wonderfully crispy. They were some of the best we’ve eaten as usually we find sweet potato fries to be soft and mushy. Their ranch style sauce and Thousand Island struck us as being too vinegary. Despite the strong vinegar flavor, I still used the Thousand Island on my fries and hamburgers.

Shake of the Month, Strawberry Oreo® Crumble - $6.75

It was the ideal environment for a milk shake so we ordered a Strawberry Oreo® Crumble shake. As I normally avoid milk products, this was a treat for me. Dorothy, though she too enjoyed it, felt she’s had better. I liked the pieces of strawberry and Oreo crumbles in the shake. The part I like most is that Johnny Rockets makes their shakes with real ice cream.

Rocket Double Hamburger - $8.75

We both ordered hamburgers. Dorothy’s was the Rocket Double Hamburger while I got the Smoke House Double – without the cheddar cheese. She enjoyed her hamburger except for the fact that the bun wasn’t up to the job. The bun fell apart as she tried to eat this thick hamburger. I even gave her my bun as I generally skip things made with wheat flour. That bun too tore before she finished.

Smoke House Double – without the cheddar cheese - $9.50

Although I miss the days when you could get a truly juicy hamburger, my double hamburger patties were good. It’s just that I don’t like well-done beef. I feel over cooked meat loses its flavor. The bacon, interestingly, I do like well-done. I order it crispy so I was pleased that the bacon with this sandwich was crispy.

The onion rings were so-so. I wished that the batter was thinner.

Overall, we enjoyed returning briefly to a 50’s diner. I’m grateful for the fresh brewed iced tea and the sweet potato fries. Maybe toasting the buns would enable them to hold up better. While lacking some things that would have made it a favorite, we liked our experience enough I would go back the next time I’m in this park.

Additional information

Johnny Rockets - Knott’s Berry Farm
8039 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA US
(714) 220-5005

Johnny Rockets website


This Johnny Rockets is inside Knotts Berry Farm’s theme park.

  • Anaheim Convention Center, 800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802: 8.8 miles
  • Disneyland, Anaheim, CA: 8.0 miles


Meals Served:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Service Type:

  • Diner
  • Casual Dining

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