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Joan Rivers, 'Diary of a mad diva' by Patricia Tramble

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Joan Rivers diary of a mad diva


Bold, unapologetic, speak your mind, straight talk, laugh if you will, who gives a f!bleep are just a few words that describe Joan Rivers speak. By no means are these words the tip of the ice-berg for this 81 year-old comic. Does she ever stop? Or in her own words, “Is it too soon...too soon?” Perhaps crass in speech, but whatever the thoughts are, there is no denying Ms. Rivers is the modern day Jewish Madea.

These days you can find Rivers on television. Fashion Police on E! where she and her panel of guest critique the latest fashions worn by celebrities on the red carpet. She has a weekly reality show called, “Joan & Melissa: Joan knows best” on WE tv. She also sells fine jewelry on QVC, the shopping channel. In addition to television, Rivers still tours around the world performing her brand of stand-up comedy.

In an appearance on the Tavis Smiley show, Rivers was asked why she still continues to work so hard. “Because every two weeks they keep taking it away from me.” When asked by Smiley will she ever retire or slow down. “I have in my will, 'do not resuscitate.' When I can no longer do what I love, it's over.”

One Jewish Christmas, Rivers' daughter Melissa gave her a diary. Rivers was disappointed. “I prefer a piece of Cartier jewelry even if it is spelled with a K.” Not thinking she would have the time to write her daily thoughts with her busy schedule, she decided to give it a try. “Diary of a mad diva” became Rivers' thoughts about her daily encounters in life told in her comedic fashion. Not the homeless, orphans, leaders, celebrities, family, friends, or herself are excluded.

Rivers is a comedian first expressing her viewpoint in her unique comedic fashion. By saying something about everyone, she excludes no one. Like the people who run behind her saying, “Jesus loves you, Jesus loves you.” She responds, “We were young. It was just one night.” Joan Rivers' new book, “Diary of a mad diva” can be found at your local bookstore, library, and online. Take the daily walk with Rivers throughout her year. That is if, you can keep up with this 81 year old.