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Jerry's Bones' performance at Silver Fork described as a 'match made in heaven'

Guests enjoyed Silver Fork Winery's wines and cheeses, during Jerry's Bones' spectacular performance
Guests enjoyed Silver Fork Winery's wines and cheeses, during Jerry's Bones' spectacular performance
Doug Ebert/Charlotte Music Examiner

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Morganton, NC: Silver Fork Vineyard and Winery is a little, hidden secret, on top of the beautiful, rolling hills of Morganton, NC. This winery is, in fact, one of many wineries among the growing winery population in North Carolina. However, this winery—with its breathtaking views—has a very quaint and peaceful atmosphere, with an extremely inviting, pet-friendly, family and friend, wine and music-loving atmosphere.

Silver Fork Winery and Jerry's Bones: A match made in heaven
Sandra Williams/ Jerry's Bones' Merchandise Rep.

Before getting into to the music aspect of Silver Fork and for those who are thinking of visiting one of North Carolina’s wineries, all of the research in the world will never be enough to, truly, describe just how spectacular and breathtaking this gem-of-winery has proven itself to be. You just have to come out and experience it for yourself!

As for the music, this winery is a huge supporter of local, high-class musical acts, which adds a dimensional dynamic to this, already, amazing peace of heaven-on-earth. On Saturday, the lucky, Silver Fork Winery guests got a chance to hear a high-end performance from Jerry’s Bones—a local favorite among fans, in and around I-40's Music Scene, as well as along the east coast. The Silver Fork Winery performance was one of many stops on Jerry’s Bones’ tour, in support of their recently-released album: “Movin’ On.”

In summary, this event proved to be a very enjoyable and relaxing assignment (and experience), with respect to’s local take on the greater area of Charlotte’s music scene. The combination of Jerry’s Bones’ music and Silver Fork Winery’s offerings were described by many among Saturday’s guests as: “A Match made in heaven..!”

For more on both Jerry's Bones' music and Silver Fork's offerings, you can visit their respective links, which are embedded. The outcome of this Saturday's event yields a prime example as to why local commerce should be considered, as a first option, for dining and entertainment in the Carolina's. It just makes great sense!