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Jennifer Bradpiece: The femme fatale of Los Angeles poetry

Poet Jennifer Bradpiece


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." ― Marilyn Monroe

Jennifer Bradpiece: The femme fatale of Los Angeles poetry
Jennifer Bradpiece, Giuliana Maresca
Jennifer Bradpiece: The femme fatale of Los Angeles poetry (Photo - Tess Lotta © 2014)
Giuliana Maresca © 2014

Jennifer Bradpiece is the femme fatale of the poetry scene in Los Angeles and quite possibly one of the most under-rated female poets walking our city streets.

In collaboration with photographer and artist Giuliana Maresca, Edgar Allan Poet presents poetry and photography, combining two mediums to create a realm of cutting edge perspective of both living in Los Angeles & being an America woman.

In the first poem: 'Epitaph: An Installation' readers are introduced to a grim 1930’s Hollywood horror. The use of alliteration, time and place as well as foreboding imagery haunts the reader, but like a scene from an Argento film readers are bound to train tracks anticipating the arrival of the next stanza.

The use of time and place highlights Los Angeles highways, byways, monuments and land marks making this poem truly inspired. What is also unique about ‘Epitaph’ is the merging of organic physical and emotional elements and personification of the structural & industrial giving the poem an almost sinister pulse.

“The woman lies on her side, corroding brick wall
climbing grey above her.

Between long twisted toes of shadow, yellow spotlights her face,
mottled as the horizon of bricks,
a melanoma mosaic of light and time on skin.”

This poem has an undercurrent beneath what most perceive as glamour. One can put the red lipstick on, or the fake eyelashes and call it beauty, but reality is often less than glamorous when compassion is misplaced. This is what merges both poems together while maintaining two completely different poetic motivations


“Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” ― G.K. Chesterton

Bradpiece’s poem ‘Miss America’ is the exception to Chesterson’s above quote, however the poem isn’t really focused on culinary delectables. While some may find the photo by Giuliana Maresca unfitting for such a feminist poetic view, if you look closely, the element of imperfection lends a sway of optimism for women seeking the holy grail of glamour and the juxtapose hints of sarcasm, sass and class.


You will have the pleasure of viewing more of Jennifer Bradpiece’s work in the forthcoming annual publication of Edgar Allan Poet Journal #2 – 2014. Included in this collection are the following poems by Bradpiece; ‘A Place Called Well’ & ‘Revisiting Venice’.

Edgar Allan Poet Journal #1

Jennifer Bradpiece was born and raised in the multi-faceted muse, Los Angeles, where she still resides. She has her Bachelors in Creative Writing from Antioch University. When not rescuing Pit Bulls, she tries to remain active in the Los Angeles writing and art scene: she has interned at Beyond Baroque, and often collaborates with multi-media artists on projects. Her poetry has been published in various journals, anthologies, and online zines, including Mad Poets Review, 491 Magazine, The Mas Tequila Review, & The Nervous Breakdown. She has poetry forthcoming in Pearl, Redactions, The Common Ground Review & the Edgar Allan Poet Journal #2.

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