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Jeff Tweedy helps celebrate Boulder Theater's 75th birthday

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Jeff Tweedy concert


Wilco's frontman launches a year-long celebration at the iconic Boulder Theater.

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If selling out two shows at the Boulder Theater wasn't indication enough, the enthusiastic conversation that Jeff Tweedy holds with his audience leaves no doubt that the venerable front man for Wilco is rightfully one of the most sought after tickets in the country. In what is surely among the more intimate shows you will ever find, Tweedy constantly prods his fans for feedback....creating a musical experience that's hard to duplicate.

Tweedy has a vision; both for his music and his performances. In a world where mobile phone cameras now dot most concerts, Tweedy purposefully (and refreshingly) forbids his audience from taking photos. His disdain for social networking ("I'm not a 14 year old girl", he proclaims), and laser-like focus on his music, creates an experience for each audience that is wholly unique. No two shows are the same, no two audiences demand the same songs...and Tweedy crafts his shows to respect that unique quality for each of his performances.

After opening with an audio-plagued "Spiders" from Wilco's 2004 release A Ghost is Born, Tweedy took the outcry for "Someone Else's Song" literally, jumping in front of his troubled mic proclaiming "OK, you don't want to wait...let's go". This is the magic of a Jeff Tweedy performance. During his songs, the crowd is in astonishing silence, bowing respectfully, to the viruosity of their hero's songwriting abilities. In between songs is a cathartic release...a chance for the audience to bellow out the songs they want to hear, ask random questions about his vacation plans in Mexico ("That's kinda creepy" was his reply) and dive into political discourse with the Chicago native (he marvels at our marijuana laws if you were wondering).

While skipping solo mainstay "Sunken Treasure" on the opening night, Tweedy performed rustic versions of "Cars Can't Escape", and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot's "I am trying to break your heart" before turning on his new fans with "One Wing", "Country Disappeared" and "Walken".

Throughout the night, you could almost feel the transformation of new fans becoming die-hards and as the crowd dispersed into the streets after the show, nobody wanted to leave. The lingering aficionados shared their favorite moments, commited to seeing more shows...and for the newly 'found', attempted to scalp shows for the next night!