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Jean Reno will stop at nothing for revenge in ’22 Bullets’

22 Bullets


When Jean Reno took Hollywood by storm in 1994s Leon: The Professional he set himself in stone as a new action star. Sadly after that he delivered some great performances and films, but never really delved back into the greatness of Leon. His latest film 22 Bullets, is being advertised with similarities of the character despite not being related in anyway, but could that be a positive spin giving fans what they have been waiting for or will it not be able to live up to the hype?

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22 Bullets aka L’immortel follows a retired criminal who is forced back into the life when he is left for dead after an attempt on his life leaving 22 bullets in his body. Now he will stop at nothing to find out who is responsible to protect his family and give him the peace that he longs for once and for all. This is one of those generic crime films that could have easily fallen apart had it not been for its star Jean Reno. His presence and performance step this film up to a whole new level. The beginning of the film kicks things into high gear setting up his ultimate fate and delivers a pretty graphic sequence that sets the tone. Then for some time really nothing happens other than lots of build-up to what seems is something that will never come, but thankfully that changes pretty quickly. Once Reno sets out on his ultimate mission it becomes a whole different film. For this section of the film the bullets begin to fly with both a few hardcore shootouts as well as some simplistic revenge killings. It’s these sequences and the ultimate final moments of the film that make it worth the slower moments early on.

This is not Leon, but fans will be excited to at least get to see that side of Reno again cranked up a notch. There are some pretty gory parts in the beginning and a lot in the second half that really makes this film worth it by the time it is all over. Be warned that this is not an American film, but instead a French production so unless you speak French you will be reading this film. Do not let that dissuade you from checking out Reno in action as his acting is so much better when he is free of fighting the English dialogue.

Be sure to grab your copy of ’22 Bullets’ when it hits shelves on February 11th For more information head over to