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Je Suis France is back with Coleslaw III Drymouth

Je Suis France - Coleslaw III Drymouth


Not ones to allow trivial matters such as wives, children, careers or distance drive them into musical extinction, the dudes from the Athens/Atlanta band Je Suis France (JSF) continue to churn out tasty music at their own pace. They return to the fold in 2013 with the thirteen song record (or should I say cassette) Coleslaw III Drymouth (C3D). This latest piece of work by JSF possesses 25 minutes of some of the best music to ever exit their collective brains.

If you are previously a purveyor of their music then you know JSF goes where the music takes them and in many cases it is where no band has dared to go before. With a lo-fi sonic aesthetic akin to that of indie gods Guided By Voices, JSF has never been afraid to be different. Never taking themselves too seriously their music usually contains inside jokes for the benefit of the band and their close friends, and this is part of what makes the music so entertaining. On any given album a damn fine indie rock tune intermingles with songs about forklifts, whale genitalia, covers of popular sitcom theme music or an inordinately amount of ear piercing noise. You see, when JSF hunkers down and unleashes a serious take they are damn good and when they ham it up they are still damn good. They have fun, add a bit of levity and still dish out kick ass tunes.

On C3D the listener is exposed to a set of tunes that sound more mature but retain the whimsical nature JSF fans expect. Like each of their records before this one JSF follows no formula. From one song to the next you can get something completely different and yet they make it work. This album invites the listener in with two of the better songs I have ever heard from these guys. The opening track, “Street Call”, is loaded with spacey guitars, steady rhythms and vocal harmonies found in many of their songs. “We Are The Runaways” is a guitar driven tune with a familiar feel to it. The fast paced song will have listeners hitting play over and over again. The band steps into a different vibe with “I Still Haven’t Looked At What I Found” a rapid paced ‘Ramones’ flavored tune. Pulling a prog-rock feel out of their asses, “You Shall Pass” is a pleasant surprise and the ballsy blues infused rocker “Pranglin” kills it. I am not sure what a ‘pranglin man’ actually is, but the song makes it sound pretty bad ass. Other tracks to listen out for is the melodic “Watching The Sky”, the upbeat “K.E.N.” and the chaotic “Hot Shit In Tents City”.

C3D finds JSF at their very best with a wealth of catchy lyrics, spacey melodies and just the right amount of fuzz. The record is easy to listen to and the songs will get trapped in your brain then rattle around in there well after you have stopped listening. These dudes are the epitome of DIY and whatever they are doing they have done it quite well on this one.