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Jay Leno appears in concert at Caesars Atlantic City

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Jay Leno appears in concert at Caesars Atlantic City


Stand-up comedian Jay Leno came to Caesars Atlantic City for a show on April 25, 2014. Leno continued kicking a late night habit, since leaving the Tonight Show back how he got his start, as a continual touring stand-up comedian.

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Walking on stage Leno did not waste time with chit-chat or shout-outs to the city, he just seemed to flip a switch and the jokes began. He wasn't on The Tonight show so he could step up his comedy. With references to Hugh Hefner's fiancee as "bed panning for gold" and jokes about phrases like "explosive diarrhea," which brought the audience to loud outbursts of laughter. Leno seemed to be home, firing lines one after another for 80 minutes to his adoring fans.

Jay Leno seems most comfortable in a denim shirt with jeans and a matching jacket and black motorcycle-type boots and is equally at home showing off his amazing classic car collection which numbers more than 100.

Tonight however, he wore a dark suit, a purple print tie and U.S. flag lapel pin, Leno came ready to perform. For those in the filled showroom who wondered if Leno, who at 63 was still funny and relevant, the question was answered early.

Leno, without having a band or a video screen behind him simply stood with the microphone in his hand and kept the audience howling the entire time, showcasing the talent that brought him to the forefront.

Johnny Carson, as host of The Tonight Show had a lot to do in selecting Jay Leno to follow in his footsteps. Proving to be the “right” choice for the job, Leno's personality and sense of timing provided the means for the Emmy Award winning and top-rated show to win the time slot for a remarkable 15 consecutive years.

A less-obsessed entertainer would take a break after 22 years hosting and constantly working on The Tonight Show. Leno finished his reign in February 2014 and jumped right on to his stand-up band wagon.

Jay Leno’s down home style and sense of humor, silly at times, has earned him millions of fans worldwide. Most people feel comfortable and at home with Leno and seem to appreciate his never ending work ethic. He is known to be one of the nicest and most approachable people in show business.

He is not slowing down. Leno, who spent 22 years doing the weekly tonight show now has a full stand-up comedy schedule. When asked whether he misses the gig or whether quitting has made him unhappy, Leno kept up his positive attitude and once said, ” You know, there are people who like you and people who don't like you. "You suck, you stink," whatever it is. But like baseball scores, like football scores, at the end here's the results. We've kept the show No. 1 for 20 years straight.”

That about tells you where Leno is, happy, proud and most of all still doing what he loves. . . and today, may be better at making people laugh then ever in his career.