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'Jaws (1975)' Movie Review: Take care in the water

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Amity Island is off the coast of New England, is one of those small villages that everyone wants to come to especially when it's a three day weekend. A group of young adults are out on one of the beaches having a bonfire party. A young girl if flirting with a boy and she goes for a swim. She will never return. You see circling off the shore is probably one of the largest sharks anyone has ever seen in these waters.

The next day the young lady is reported missing to the new police Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider). He in turn goes out to the area of the bonfire and later in the day parts of the girls body are found. It is learned that she was killed by a great white shark. They bring in an expert of sorts on sharks a man named Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss). While all this is taking place many of the fisherman were out trying to catch the shark.

Excitement is all over the docks when a large shark is brought in. Everyone think it is the shark that killed the young girl. Hooper dispels all thoughts when he says it wasn't the shark they all were looking for. The shark caught is a tiger shark and the bites don't match up to the girls body bites.

A rough and raw fisherman by the name of Quint (Robert Shaw) says he can catch the shark but it's going to cost. Meanwhile the beaches are still open and all seems to be going on like it was normal and that no killer shark is around.

Brody and Hooper try to talk Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) to close the beaches. He won't hear of it as you see this three day weekend is the Fourth Of July. It is the Villages largest money maker of the year. The business owners would be up in arms and he is afraid of that. He does give the go ahead to hire Quint and go after the shark.

Now once out in the waters, you can tell that a showdown is coming but who is going to win, Shark or Humans. Watch the rest of the movie and you will find out. This is one of the best movies ever made. It is played every year right before the summer season and it always makes you wonder, what if.

Director Steven Spielberg has given us one of the best. He has brought the American psyche to a fever pitch and back down again. Do we have shark attacks during the summer, yes. Do we still go back in the water, yes. Will we always be afraid or wary of the water, always. We still go back though and always will.