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Jawbone UP24 for Android review: this wearable fitness tech has style

Jawbone UP24
Jawbone UP24
Jawbone Up Press Product Images

Jawbone UP 2 Wristband


Fitness has been making a come-back as of late. You see healthier meals available going out to eat. Workout clothes have become more trendy--even stores like Victoria Secret, American Eagle, and more offer lines. Headphone companies, such as Skullcandy, make designs built to withstand impact heavy action such as running or weight-lifting. Not only is being fit sneaking into our normal, everyday stores but it has become a wearable habit. That slightly unusual bracelet your friend was wearing? Yea, that was a fitness tracker. Although Nike was one of the first to really make a splash in wearable fitness tech, more and more companies are coming out with their own design.

Among one of those heavy hitters is Jawbone. Not necessarily known for fitness--like Nike is--nevertheless Jawbone has made a big enough splash in the market since it first unveiled it's Jawbone UP. Their fitness wear now also includes the Jawbone UP24, which is a newer, Bluetooth-enabled version.Some of Jawbone's biggest well-known competitors are Fitbit, Garmin, and Nike.

In this review, I will go over what the Jawbone UP and UP24 offers, as well as my experience with using the device.

The Jawbone UP24 was first introduced to Android users on March 11, 2014. It was previously first released for iOS, but thankfully for us Jawbone realized Android users want to be fit, too. Jawbone stated in their press release that the "UP and UP24 fit effortlessly into the way you live to help you understand how you sleep, move, eat and feel, and how those activities affect one another."

Indeed, this seems to ring true. Looking at the design of the UP compared to it's competitors feels like a much more inconspicuous device; the band is skinnier with a more sleek appearance than, say, the Fitbit Flex, Nike Fuel, or Garmin Vivofit. In fact, it almost appears to be half the width of any of the previous models--though the depth is still significant compared to a regular bracelet.

And it does look close to a bracelet. Especially for females, who have smaller wrists, wearing a clunkier fitness tracker isn't exactly ideal. Since the concept of the device is to always be wearing it--save for when it charges--if you go out to a bar or a restaurant and are wearing a nice outfit you don't exactly want to have a big, plastic band on your arm.

So let's take a closer look at the functions and style of the Jawbone UP24 for Android.

Tracks daily steps

The UP24 is designed to be worn all day long, tracking your daily step activity. This gives you insight into how much overall fitness you get throughout your regular routine. It also allows you to become more alert to your actions, as well. Seeing your daily averages might encourage you to skip the close parking space, and walk instead. As with every other step tracker I have seen thus far, the average suggested goal is 10,000 steps per day.

Tracks sleep

UP24 appears to do a good job tracking your sleep. It incorporates times you wake up, and light and deep sleep. It's hard to really prove exactly how accurate this data is; however, the times I fall asleep and wake up each day are accurate as far as waking up periods it records, and lighter sleep. This makes me feel it works well.

Silent alarms

Jawbone and Fitbit are the two that can boast these "silent" alarms--which are basically a vibration. Since it's on your wrist, it is very noticeable. Both companies suggest it as a means to wake up for work in the morning without bothering your partner. Jawbone, on the other hand, goes a step further. They allow you to not only create as many alarms as you'd like, but they also suggest using them as reminders for other things such as taking your vitamins, getting ready for bed, and more. They also allow the option of creating an alarm for letting you know if you have been sitting and not very active lately.

Food Tracker

You can track food via taking a picture and entering in your own nutritional values, or by searching their database.

Connect 3rd Party Apps

Such as IFTTT, MyFitnessPal, Pact, and more. There are really so many different connections and ways you can use this.

Milestones, Streaks, Today I Will, Teams, and an Insight Engine

All these features work towards getting you to form healthy, fit daily routines. To not just increase the amount of steps you take, but your overall health every day.

What I loved:

  • Band design is elegant and trendy looking.
  • Smaller design allows me to wear it with sleeves that go over my hands, without it feeling awkward or annoying.
  • Buttons to activate the "activity" exercise, sleep, and day settings were easy to use.
  • Taking it into the shower is easy--this thing is water resistant! It can't be submerged but taking it in the shower created no problem. It makes it a truly a 24 wearable tech device.
  • Multiple silent alarms, including inactivity.
  • Today I will: really helps you to think about doing a specific goal, and then keeping it up.
  • Insights are amazing. Everyday Jawbone has at least 3 or so insights that will show up in your account. They are tailored to you personally, and the actions you have previously taken (or not).
  • App is the most insightful and helpful among the options.
  • Battery really lasts 7 days, and I feel like anything less would be annoying and get in the way of weekend plans.

What I didn't love:

  • No desktop or laptop application. You can only use your mobile device, and if that lost battery power? Well, too bad.
  • Color: you can only choose one color, unless you buy multiple devices. While this is a good part of the reason the device is smaller, and looks nicer, there are times where I may not wear it--such as a wedding. As such, although I really, really wanted a brighter color I went with the goes-with-everything black.

All in all, I absolutely love this fitness band. There have been many critics who have disliked the design out there, and I honestly can't see why. The design is a nicer size, feels comfortable, and takes less general wear than other bands I have tried.

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