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Janet Jackson | Citi Performing Arts Center

Janet Jackson in Boston, MA on 3/15/11.
Janet Jackson in Boston, MA on 3/15/11.
Karin Dailey

Janet Jackson World Tour 2011


Janet Jackson was in town last week. JANET. JACKSON. If you missed her show at the Citi Performing Arts Center (formerly the Wang), slap yourself. At 44-years-old, Janet still looks and sounds amazing. While trying to find a word greater than ‘amazing’, I came across: fascinating, incredible, marvelous, stunning, wonderful – Janet is all of that. She is currently on her Number Ones Up Close and Personal World Tour, allowing her fans the rare opportunity to see her playing in smaller venues. Each stop on the tour has a song dedicated to their city. Boston's tune was Janet’s first #1 single, “When I Think of You” from Control.

Janet Jackson in Boston, MA - 3/15/11
Karin Dailey

The crowd absolutely erupted, when Janet first took the stage. I believe some of us photographers reacted as well. I maintained composure, but we all know the Jacksons have that effect on people. Janet stepped out wearing a futuristic, curve-hugging cat suit and eased right into her choreographed set with back-up dancers and a band. No super fancy stage production. It was just enough. For almost two hours, every lucky ticket holder in the theatre travelled back in time to the 80’s and early 90’s, when Janet ruled the radio waves. We were brought back to the era when MTV aired actual music videos – a time when both men and women wanted abs like Janet Jackson. Remember the dance break in her song, “If”? How many of us grew up trying to learn her routines? Who went home that night and tried mastering her moves in their living room? I know I’m not alone. I’m still working on the “All for You” dance.

Janet rolled most of her hits into medley after medley, pulling the bulk of our favorite jams from The Velvet Rope, Control, Janet and Rhythm Nation. She showed us her full range of personality, from the shy girl to the bad girl. With every passing minute, one thing became clear, we were in the presence a living legend. Janet is a musical icon and her talent is overwhelming. The four girls sitting in front of me were overcome by emotion throughout the entire show, hugging each other constantly. A woman, well into her sixties, ditched her seat to dance in the aisle. I found myself getting a little choked up during, “Again,” but don’t tell anybody. The Jacksons have that effect on people. She closed with "Together Again," showing pictures of her and brother Michael, on the big screen. KMD

Check out Janet’s website for information on her music, new book, current tour, and various charities.

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djpupdawg: I appreciate what i what i do EVERY minute but man some things are just priceless! Janet Jackson just shut down Boston Hands Down!

Joeybonbon: Janet Jackson was effin' amazing!!!

grapesuga: just came from Janet Jackson's amazing concert. Gotta recap her songs again. (p.s. Miss ya so much Michael.....)

velvetgold: Traveled 6 hours to see Janet Jackson live... mind = blown.

LouImbriano : Just saw #Celtics ~ KG incognito at Janet Jackson concert at the Wang Center. Although it's pretty hard for him to be incognito.