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James Franco Alone And Desperate

James Franco


Without any reprocussion, after his attempt to pick up a 17 year old teenage girl via Instagram. 35-year-old actor James Franco has addressed the scandal. Claiming to be feeling awkward and embarrassed, half smirking and obviously still aroused, he stated that he was just a model of how social media is tricky....sure Goblin, especially when you get caught, right!

The 17 year old fan

As he's forced to face the allegations of initiating a hotel boody call with 17-year old Scottish student Lucy Clode. After meeting her at his Broadway show "Of Mice and Men" in New York City, and wanted obviously to give an initial impression. That since he's famous he has every right to seduce and feel the creaminess of a beautiful young virgin.

With older men like Franco, secret predators always start by “friending” atractive teenage girls on Facebook. Then casually setting up meetings in motels,which leads to indecent liberties with the female minors. Unless unusual text messages to their daughter being received from older men, are caught in time avoiding them being victimized, and the police being notified.

With Franco, going through what he calls his "embarrassing" steps of meeting someone.And not knowing who he was talking to. He used bad judgment,claiming that he learned his lesson. That included photos and screencaps published for the world,of their alleged conversation hit the Internet Wednesday, Goblin, allegedly asking Clode if she had a boyfriend, and apparently sending her a picture of himself holding up a sign with her name on it, to prove that it was really him.

Random teenage girls throughout the country recount the enduring horrors of meeting men over the Internet. An online friendship for instance that leads to a meeting in person. Initially the encounter seems friendly, however, that all changes when sex is attempted by the men...who just snap when the act is refused.

In one case the teen wrists and eyes, was duct-taped then sexually assaulted, torture, whip, and carve swastikas into her face with a knife. The torturer later captured after a friend heard her screams and called the police. The perp in his 40’s, was found guilty and is scheduled for sentencing for seven felonies including three rape charges, criminal threats, and torture. Of course that wouln't happen with a young celeberty like Franco.

James Franco attempt for a face-to-face with his teen fan was pretty blaitant asking her "You're single? What's the hotel? Should I rent a room?". Lucy said her Scottish friends would never believe that she was sextiing with James Franco, he replied, "Shh...don't tell!"

Tisk..tisk that anyway to treat a fan?

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