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"Jamaican American Thug Drama" by J.S. Lewis

Cover Art for Jamaican American Thug Drama
J.S. Lewis

Jamaican American Thug Drama by author J.S. Lewis


“A tale of forbidden love…

A young Jamaican (Jevaughn Wilson), risks everything after falling deeply in love with his neighbor, Dre (Andre Malcolm), a straight Jamaican American Drug dealer who he ultimately turns bisexual. Dre was the nephew of a malevolent HOMOPHOBIC Jamaican Don, who would have Jevaughn burnt alive if he ever found out…

“Without considering the dangers and with flaming passion and scorching desires; burning with an intensity that could set the heavens ablaze, Dre and Jevaughn embark on an endearing, passionate affair that was bound to cause severe complications.

“Erotic, spellbinding, deeply moving, hypnotic, irresistibly compelling, thrilling and riveting; The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga will possess you and remain forever in your soul…”

Author J.S. Lewis tells the tale of a gay man who “turns” a presumably straight drug dealer gay…or at minimum, bisexual. After reading Jamaican American Thug Drama, I came away with more than a few questions; the primary question being how does a gay man turn a heterosexual male bisexual?

Mr. Lewis does a good job in taking his readers from point A to point B. He is also very good at his overt sensual/sexual descriptive. I give him points for that. I also explained to the author that he is good at telling a romantic, urban fiction, LGBT story.

Within my correspondence, I advised that he be careful of the overuse of slang since his target readership may not be familiar with the Jamaican dialect and may not know exactly what some of the characters are saying and therefore may be forced to guess.

Jamaican American Thug Drama needs the skills of a seasoned editor…someone that will assist the author in shaping the manuscript so that the syntax and grammatical errors don’t shine through so prevalently.

Another thing that was suggested was that the author should incorporate different dimensions of emotional expressions exhibited by his characters. Too often, the author relied on the character stating that “He loved" his partner or that “He would die for” his partner. Many times, a strong emotion can be conveyed through a look, touch or gesture. Hearing the characters speak their emotions repeatedly was a bit of overkill.

It was also advised to never begin a story with a disclaimer regarding typographical or grammatical errors. Instead, hire a good editor. Oftentimes a second pair of eyes is needed to take the work from mediocre to fabulous.

Jamaican American Thug Drama reads more like a gay male’s fantasy than fiction. I understand that when telling a story, the sky is the limit when it comes to the author’s imagination, but it is also the author’s responsibility to make the storyline as believable as possible.

With all of that being said, the story is decent read. Everything mentioned within this review has been conveyed to the author and he is fully aware of the Pros and Cons of his work. What is said is strictly my opinion and mine alone. Someone else may come away with a completely different observation.

Mr. Lewis is a talented author and I look forward to seeing what he will bring the world next.

To order a copy of this work, please click on the link below:

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~ J.L. Whitehead

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