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Jake Worthington of Team Blake (Shelton) NBC's "The Voice" - this week

NBC "The Voice" 2014 and final contestants


Watching NBC's "The Voice" each week is a pleasure and a way to keep my ear honed in to great music, vocal intonations and delivery of songs. It really doesn't matter about the genre; it's about the talent, the personalities and performances. Appreciating all genres of music, my passion is for Country, Folk, Bluegrass and Americana music. And when there is a Country music artist competing, that sparks my interest even more.

Jake Worthington's flaming performance was golden.
Jake Worthington's flaming performance was golden.
Courtesy of Jake Worthington (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
The Voice finale will happen Tuesday, May 20 - Vote Team Blake/Jake Worthington
Tommy someone

Watch "The Voice" tonight, Monday, May 19 at 7 p.m. CST on NBC with performances by all four coaches, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira. Throughout the competition, Team Shakira's artists have all been eliminated. However, Team Adam (Levine's) Christina Grimmie, Team Usher's Josh Kaufman and Team Blake (Shelton's) Jake Worthington are the only three battling for the honor of winning "The Voice."

In tonight's telecast, the final three artists will perform two songs — one chosen by America via an online poll and the other determined by their respective coach. With everything on the line, the artists are performing for America’s vote to be named “The Voice.” The television audience will vote to save their favorite two artists from the three competitors. The singer with the lowest number of votes is sent home. In the end, this Tuesday, one will be named "The Voice" and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract.

The last night finale is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 20, aired an hour later than usual at 8 p.m. on NBC revealing who America chose as "The Voice." The Emmy Award-winning music competition series “The Voice” will feature a star-studded lineup of Coldplay, OneRepublic, Tim McGraw and Ed Sheeran for its grand Season 6 finale.

Jake Worthington of Team Blake (Shelton,) will have my votes for many reasons:

La Porte, Texas' Jake Worthington, 18, has been on my radar since he wowed all four of "The Voice" judges, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira in his first appearance. Jake is a Texas treasure and delivers pure, unwavering Country music, reflective of many great Country artists and legends, With a coach like Blake Shelton, great song choices and vocals saturated with emotion and the energy to get you up and moving, Jake proves his talents and even moreso, the humility and appreciation above the two other artists in the competition. Blake Shelton is the best judge of talent of all types, especially Country Music. It's my mission to dig for gold in Country Music, truly listening and discerning vocal and musical performances, even in other genres.

During last Monday's performance, Jake Worthington offered a confident, commanding and authentic take on Waylon Jennings’ “Good Ol’ Boys” and a sincere spin on Bryan Adams’ ’80s hit “Heaven." His studio version of “Good Ol’ Boys” hit No. 3 on the iTunes chart this week, and “Heaven” peaked at No. 13. Of course, my tastes and reviews as a Country Music reviewer puts Team Blake's Jake Worthington as a great Country music artist and worthy of being #1 in "The Voice" final results.

As quoted from a music review on Jake Worthington in Bustle, "He (Jake Worthington) manages to perfectly mix humility with sincere appreciation and respect, which results with one big ol’ bundle of southern terrificness. Now, add on the fact that he can sing almost as beautifully as his mentor, Blake Shelton, and it looks like we’ve got ourselves the perfect cowboy." By perfect cowboy, I would think they meant Country artist. The belief that anyone could be as great as Blake Shelton is ridiculous, but in this case, what he or she is saying about Jake Worthington is an indication of just how good he is.

Nevertheless, for the sake of being a fan of the incredible passion and talent of Jake Worthington and my respect for Blake Shelton's undeniable talent, well-deserved status of Country Music royalty and his ability to choose and further the careers of great Country talent, Jake has the talent, honesty, heart and spirit of Country music, the music that most of this country adores. I have a suggestion for the naysayers. "Mama says, 'if you don't have anything nice to say, get off my porch!"

For any anti-Jakers, sneaking into my party: "It's time for you to get off this fast-moving train called Team Blake and Jake Worthington if you don't like the ride. And, if you don't agree, I understand. That's your opinion and you have a right to that. But this is my opinion and this is my Jake/Blake porch.

Opinions and reviews on the two other two contestants who challenge Jake Worthington:

Think of fine wine tasting - one must cleanse the palate before tasting another. This also applies to sampling music, refreshing and enriching your tastes to review music. However, we choose the perfect artist to represent music's finest vocally and with the humility, drive, confidence and professional representation of a true artist. The key word here being humility and the professional representation.

Christina Grimmie of Team Adam - I adore Adam Levine, despite the fact that he dumped manure on Blake's yard after Blake tweeted Adam's personal phone number for everyone to see. Adam has brought amazing music, coaching, personality and professionalism to take the music industry by storm (ok,..and he is quite gorgeous.) In my opinion, Christina Grimmie, (20) although very talented, hit a nerve with me when it comes to maturity and professionalism - a very important part of a true artist. She has exceptional vocal range and command; Adam has trained her well. But, I watch for the mannerisms in competition as well.

Christina's actions when they were announcing the final three (see it in the featured video at, made me question her readiness to be the perfect artist. Christina stood there as if she was a hurt child, frowning, head down, about to cry, peeking out at the judges in between her pitiful frown as if to say, "I will be completely shattered and absolutely, physically drop dead of the rejection if you don't choose ME!" Even if you're a great singer - and Christina does have a wonderful voice - there is much more to being a true artist. Pouting is not pretty nor is it professional. Cowgirl up, girl.

Josh Kaufman of Team Usher, is also very talented and versatile, with song choices and vocals to be a formidable opponent for Jake. I love everything from Classical music to heavy rock, growing up and gratefully exposed to music genres from all generations. Josh has shown spectacular performances in many genres of music, mostly with a bluesy, soft pop tones. He can deliver powerhouse pop music. He will be the one Jake must overcome. I have no negative comments about's just that when you have somewhat equals, the scales will tip for me and all Country music lovers with that last Country coin.

In Country Music, we stand together and for each other. But this isn't just about Country music. It's about the ability to capture hearts through music, song vocals and the ability to be a role model through one's appreciation, humility and professionalism. Jake has all those gifts and the pure Country music talent to win this. Let's help him. Vote Jake Worthington (Team Blake) when they announce the time to vote.

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2014 The Voice Summer Tour There will be a Summer "The Voice" Tour, featuring finalists who did not make it to the top 3, the 2 finalists and "The Voice!" winner. To pick someone who has been eliminated from the top three, you can vote for them for the 2014 The Voice Summer Tour (one vote in a 24 hour period) at (I like Kat Perkins, Audra McLaughlin and Susaunda Lewis.)

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