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'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' brings new value and content to Blu-Ray

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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa


Some folks have a hard time wondering if they should invest in a Blu-Ray version of a movie they've already seen and we have the information to share with you regarding Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.

Bad Grandpa turned out to be one of the surprise comedies in 2013 and is one that many of you will be wanting to get your hands on when its released to retailers on Jan. 28th. This Blu-Ray provides the right kind of value and added content for you to invest in.

Let's start with the extended version of the movie. The theatrical version was approximately 91 minutes, while the extended version of the film brings another 11 minutes of Bad Grandpa hilarity. The additional content is worth experiencing, but that alone isn't where this Blu-Ray shines.

The success for this product lies in the overall product and the special features are what help bring this Blu-Ray home. While watching this film, you may be wondering if the people who are used as the reactors are real or actors, but the Behind-the-Scenes featurettes are really enlightening to watch.

The scenes that you will be taken through are ones such as: The Funeral, Estate Sale, Window Launch, Shipping Billy, The Penguin, Wedding Crashers, The Drop Off and Beauty Pageant.

Once you have completely gone through those parts of the Blu-Ray, you will really come away with an informed, knowledgeable perspective about how this film was made and what the creators did to make it become a reality.

The next major part of this Blu-Ray is the Alternate Reactions from Real People. These are hilarious and are actually worth viewing. They weren't just extra reactions for the sake of having extra reactions, they really are very funny and really, you can never get enough of these.

The additional reactions you will get to see are Meet Billy, Meet Irving, The Skype Call, Billy Shops for Parents, Irving Hits on Women 1 and 2.

Deleted Scenes are often a shoe-in for every Blu-Ray set and this is true for Bad Grandpa as well. There are three more scenes for you to watch and they are average at best. What was given as additional scenes did have some funny moments, but are nothing worth getting this Blu-Ray for alone.

When we look at the entire package of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa it's absolutely worth adding to your collection and while the deleted scenes leave a little bit to be desired the total product is what brings this Blu-Ray home.

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