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'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' and he's Just That Bad

'Johnny Knoxville presents:Bad Grandpa'


People always say, as a person gets older that you can do what you, want say what you and live how you want.
"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" is this theory to the extreme.

Johhny Knoxville
Photo by Caroline McCredie

We have Johnny Knoxville as 86 year old Irving Zisman( Johnny Knoxville) and his grandson Billy(Jackson Nicoll). Irving’s goal is to take his grandson to his father in North Carolina. This is where the journey begins. The movie is non-stops laughs, jokes all while keeping a storyline. The opening scene is Billy telling people in a doctor’s office that his mother is addicted to crack. The response of the people in the doctor’s office is uncomfortable, but funny for the viewer. Irving himself revels in the death of his wife and yes the viewer believes it is a sad moment, however Knoxville offers comic relief.

Irving (Johnny Knoxville) hits on women, goes to a strip club, and attends a beauty pageant all with little Billy (Jackson Nicoll) tagging along. The antics of the pair are truly funny however it is the unsuspecting and unwilling participants that are funnier. Their reactions are what give the moviegoers laughs.

My favorite line in the movie is , “I might not be able to stir the gumbo, but I can still lick the spoon,”. Knoxville’s has us all licked with laughter and a formula that always works.