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'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' (No Spoiler) Review

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


With almost as many different actors portraying the title character as Bond or Batman, this newest Jack Ryan movie is actually not based off of a Tom Clancy novel. But 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' stars Chris Pine as the immortal CIA analyst. This time he is pitted against, you guessed it: the soviets, as they try to launch a plot to cripple the U.S. economy. But that’s all I will tell you about the plot, read on to see how this latest iteration plays out on screen.

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We get to see new aspects of the agent's life and a rebooted origin story.
Kevin Costner plays Thomas Harper, Ryan's recruiter and gives a good performance as a guy who’s been leading a double life for quite some time, as you never really know if he’s being entirely truthful.

The story is one of double crosses and subterfuge; typical of an espionage tale.

However, this execution contains a bit too much superfluous side information that can make the story difficult to follow.
However, the action sequences are all excellently executed and lengthy enough to keep you distracted from the blotchy story.

The story is very "Clancy movie" in that the resolution does have an operatic soundtrack at the enemy’s ultimate realization of fate. This movie definitely rings true with its predecessors, but is not a game changer (like Bale in Batman or Craig in Bond.)

At the close, I would like to thank Epic Theaters for their providing a very amiable theater in which to view this (and other) films and recommend that you go to one of their several local locations for your next cinematic experience.