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'J.R.'s Masterpiece' revealed in 'Dallas: The Complete Second Season'

'J.R.'s Masterpiece' revealed in 'Dallas: The Complete Second Season' -slide0
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

'Dallas: The Complete Second Season' DVD


My fascination with the city of Dallas began way before I moved to the suburbs of the most famous metropolitan areas in Texas. It started when I was around eight years old and I witnessed the shooting of J.R. Ewing on prime time television. At that age, I probably shouldn't have been watching a night-time soap opera full of boozing, brawling, and bed-hopping the likes that no American had seen before.

Regardless of whether or not my young eyes should have witnessed the carnage occurring on "Dallas," the show made a lasting impact on me that I still hold dear some thirty-four years later. There aren't many things I'm as passionate about as I am of the long-running television epic. My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by attending a "Dallas"-themed murder mystery dinner party at the South Fork Hotel following a tour of the famous ranch. While there, we stuck our feet in the pool that caught Kristin Shepard's dead body after her fall from J.R.'s balcony.

Needless to say, when it was announced that a new "Dallas" series was being launched, my wife and I were ecstatic. My excitement grew as I was invited to interview the entire cast at a Red Carpet Event for the first episode of the new show. I had interviewed Larry Hagman years before on the couch in the living room of South Fork and could never turn down the chance to talk to him and the rest of the cast again.

You can only imagine my shock when I heard about the death of Hagman a couple of years back. It was a sad loss for me and millions of other fans of "Dallas." I was personally affected from meeting the charming actor and continue to feel blessed to have been in his presence on a few occasions.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, all of us addicts can now re-watch J.R.'s final hours in the spotlight. "Dallas: The Complete Second Season" hits DVD on the eve of the premiere of the show's third season. All fifteen episodes are featured on four discs, including an extended cut of Larry Hagman's final episode entitled "J.R.'s Masterpiece."

"Dallas: The Complete Second Season" continues the fast-pace and complex storylines began in the freshman year of the relaunched series. J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen continue to get entangled in the webs weaved by their offspring, John Ross and Christopher. The two cousins are definitely their father's sons and can't help but clash with each other over who's the rightful heir to the Ewing Dynasty.

"Dallas: The Complete Second Season" comes with a Texas-sized batch of bonus material. They feature "'Dallas:' Fashion Files," "'Dallas' at PaleyFest 2013," and optional commentary for "J.R.'s Masterpiece." We also get all new featurettes including "The Battle for Ewing Energies: Blood is Thicker than Oil," "Memories of Larry Hagman: A Cast Tribute," and "One Last Conversation with Larry Hagman."

Although many people might think that the show would slow down and lose steam after J.R.'s death, it continues to chug along with a very evident mission. Show producers and the cast want to prove that "Dallas" can go on without Hagman, but with reverence and respect for the late actor. That's exactly what they did with the final episodes of "Dallas: The Complete Second Season." As is evident on this DVD collection, it sizzled and left viewers begging for more every time the credits rolled on an episode.

"Dallas: The Complete Second Season" is available now on DVD and as a Digital Download.

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