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J'Adore Frenchie's Diner Coral Gables

Frenchie's Diner
Sarah Cherres

Frenchie's Diner


Healthy Tip: Stay away from heavy sauces, such as Bechamel, and share!

Just when I thought I was done discovering little gems in Miami, I was pleasantly surpised by Frenchie's Diner. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by the owner in French. Suddenly, the minute crammed tables, mismatched glasses, and quirky decor make you feel like you have stepped into a little Parisian cafe.

Immediately we were greeted by our friendly waiter and given delicious, warm, and crispy bread with soft butter to spread. The abundance of this tasty bread nearly made it difficult for us to make it past our first appetizer, a Charcuterie plate with firm but smooth duck pate, thick cut ham, prosciutto, mini gherkins, and balsamic tomato wedges. We ate all the way to the last crumble.

We then ordered the escargot that made a non-escargot eater a convert. The garlic butter parsley sauce was too delicious to leave behind, so it had to be whisked away with bread. The perfect accompainment to this classic French fare was a glass of Bourgogne Aligote wine.

To end our appetizer frenzy, we ordered the Moules Frites. Once again the flavorful garlic sauce was a standout in the preparation and the portion was abundant enough for three.

Of course I cannot try a new restaurant without ordering dessert, so we had a scoop of their homemade sea salt caramel ice cream and a slice of the cake du jour - A Banana Chocolate Nutella confection. The burnt sugary taste of the ice cream just makes your palate dance in ecstasy! The cake in itself was probably the only off favorite part of the entire experience but the Chocolate Nutella frosting made me gladly forgive them. For a moment I forgot where I was and lost myself in the sweet experience.

Honestly when I read "diner" I was a little hesitant, but as soon as I walked in I was sold. The starters run $7 to $24, the entrees $21 to market price and the desserts roam around $6. To see their dinner menu click here

Frenchie's Diner | 2618 Galiano street | Coral Gables, FL | (305) 442-4554 |