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Izaac Mizrahi has one Eau So 'Fabulous' perfume, the other less fabulous

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Isaac Mizrahi's Eau So Fabulous and Fabulous perfumes


Isaac Mizrahi's Eau So Fabulous and Fabulous perfumes prove exactly what Fergie's Outspoken and Outspoken Intense perfumes do. Just because perfumes have similar names and the same representative don't mean they'll always be equally good.

Some are both equally delicious. Others should sit on the back of the perfume shelves forever. So which one is a winner between Isaac Mizrahi's two "fabulous" perfumes? Eau So Fabulous is easily the winner.

Eau So Fabulous perfume notes include mandarin, mango pulp, raspberry, wild jasmine, osmanthus, water lily, praline, blonde woods and musk.

Fabulous perfume notes include mandarin, nectarine, bergamot, jasmine, sambac, tuberose, freesia, peony, sandalwood, musks, vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood.

Fabulous is loud, flowery and too busy. There are too many strong scents competing with each other even when this one-star fragrance tones down to the middle notes.

Eau So Fabulous is worth driving to Kohl's (or whatever fragrance department store is nearby) and buying the perfume right now. It's pretty. It's fresh. It's sexy. And Eau So Fabulous perfume works as well for formal occasions as it does for casual occasions. Definite winner and five stars.

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