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Italian songstress makes her way to San Antonio this Sunday

Giulia Millanta Live


Giulia Millanta is not a name you would likely forget and once you hear this Florence, Italy natives voice, you surely won't. Millanta is making her way to San Antonio for a show this Sunday at the Historic Jackson Ranch.

Giulia Plays Live today from 3-6 at Jackson Ranch
Giulia Millanta

Millanta was born in Florence, Italy and began playing music at a very early age but soon found herself looking beyond her own borders and after releasing her first album in 2008, made her way to the Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, Texas.

Millanta recently took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for the San Antonio Musicians Examiner.

Good morning and thanks so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule for this interview.

DP: You've been in Austin a while now, but you were born in Florence, Italy. Tell me, how did you manage to settle down in Texas?

GM: Well, I've been touring the united states a little bit in the past few years. I met people from Austin and the first time I came here I fell n love with it and decided to stay. I was ready for a change…After all since my mom has called me "the nomad" since I'm 18.

DP: Your most recent record is entitled “Dust & Desire.” Tell us how this album differs from your first two, “Giulia and The Dizzyness,” and “ Dropping Down.”

GM: Well, actually I'm now recording my new record, which will be released in March. Dust and Desire was released in the summer 2012. The four of them are all very different. I think my songwriting is evolving and my sound as well, getting more essential and naked.

DP: Who are your musical influences and who are your life influences?

GM: I grew up listening to traditional and folk music from England, South America. I love Mozart and Tom Waits. My life influence…how much time do you have?? :) I've been traveling, I lived in Spain for a while, I lived in the countryside in Italy working with horses…I got a degree in medicine. In my life I've done many different things. I have many chapters in my story and in each one of them I met at least one person who inspired me and helped me become the person I am.

DP: You are getting ready to play in San Antonio, have you played in SA before?

GM: No, it's going to be my first time and it's going to be 2 years from my very first gig in Texas, in San Marcos, on January 4th 2012 …so it's some sort of an anniversary concert for me.

DP: If you could pick three people to play on stage with, who would they be and, more importantly, why?

GM: I feel very lucky and honored to play with David Pulkingham (guitar player for Patty Griffin and previously Alejandro Escovedo). I just want to play with friends and people I love. I want to have fun when I play. If I'd find myself playing with of my "heroes" I'd probably panic!!

DP: Where do you see yourself in 2014?

GM: I'm going back to Europe in the second half of March to promote my new album. And back in Italy also in the summer for some family time and gigs. Other than that I hope to tour and play as much as possible.

DP: What is your songwriting style; your method of writing (music first/lyrics first)?

GM: Oh I really don't have one. Whatever happens first…

DP: Can you remember the moment on stage when it really clicked? When you knew this is what you were born to do?

GM: I don't. Truth be told, it's hard being a musician. Creative jobs require a daily commitment and the will to power through and accept moments of self-doubt. BUT, I love what I do. I love it everyday. I wouldn't want to do anything else…I'm an M.D., but I decided to be a musician 'cause I love it so much. I'm not even so sure I was born to be one.

DP: I'm really looking forward to your show in San Antonio. Tell our readers what they can expect from a Giulia Millanta show?

GM: well…they can expect somebody who will play her A** off and do her very best to entertain them. With stories, with the sound of my guitar, my ukulele and the sound of 4 languages.

Thank you so much for your candor and your time. Look forward to meeting you!


8910 Callahan Road

San Antonio, Texas 78230

3-6 P.M.

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