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It will take more than a 3000 foot drop to stop Luke Goss in ‘Dead Drop’

Dead Drop


Much like horror, action films seem to churn out new ones every week. After really bursting onto the scene with Blade II and Hellboy II he has stepped out of the prosthetics and into the lead roles with a slew of straight to video action films. Now he is back with his latest film Dead Drop alongside Nestor Carbonell and Cole Hauser but does it pack the action punch it needs to stand out of the sea of forgettable action films out there?

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Dead Drop follows a former CIA operative turned government contractor who re-infiltrates a dangerous North Mexican drug trafficking ring after surviving a fall from a plane, 3000-feet over the ocean to find his own killer. With his memory unraveling, he descends into a murderous rampage while trying to uncover the truth. This film kicks right into high gear and doesn’t waste too much time getting to the point, but sadly gets a bit lost on its self at times. The story is simple, but tries too hard to be clever at times and in turn feels all over the place. There are some elements that just don’t feel necessary and slows down the progression of the story. There is some decent action here, but never seems to really push the limits to bring it like some of Goss efforts.

Luke Goss has everything needed to be a real action star and has shown it numerous times, but this one is decent enough, but he feels wasted here. The idea and some of the action works but the film needed a bit more streamlining and tightening up to really deliver what they looked like they were going for.