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‘It Takes a Church’ is praiseworthy

‘It Takes a Church’ is a new dating game show on the Game Show Network.
‘It Takes a Church’ is a new dating game show on the Game Show Network.
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If you’re tired of fistfights, and arguing in reality television, then you should tune into “It Takes a Church.” The new matchmaking series, airing on the Game Show Network (GSN), offers up wholesome fun for most everyone.

“It Takes a Church,” hosted by blue-eyed gospel singer Natalie Grant, visits a congregation across the country to surprise an unsuspecting single (so far they’ve all been women) that has been unlucky in the love department.

The rules for the show are different than most dating shows because the one looking for love has very little to say about their impending love match.

For every show, Natalie Grant shows up at a church as if she’s just there to perform but soon she announces that she’s there to find love for a lucky lady churchgoer. The unsuspecting bachelorette is brought onstage as Natalie tells her that three members from the congregation have selected three single men for her to date. A fourth man is picked by the pastor – so now the woman has four men to choose from. After a series of tasks, the bachelorette gets the chance to finally select one man to date, which may or may not be her soul mate.

The show is fast-paced and not preachy at all. The pitching sessions by the congregation members who select the men are very funny as each one tries to outdo one another. The men and their sponsors will sing, do comedy routines to touting their professions in hopes of being the chosen one – for the date that is.

Natalie is also very refreshing as a host, which gives the show a downhome and relatable feel.

The only problem with the show – that could be a biggie – is that since all parties are part of the same congregation there may be a little tension. At least with other dating shows, the contestants don’t have to see each other again.

“It Takes a Church” airs on Thursday nights on GSN. Check your local listings for the airtime.