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It's all about "Her"

Movie "Her"


I had the pleasure of viewing 'Her' written and directed by Spike Jonze. The movie is a true love story with a twist. The main character Theodore( Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with an OS, operating system named Samantha(Scarlett Johanssson).

Her, Spike Jonze

Theodore seems to be a hopeless romantic. He writes romantic letters for those who can't express themselves. Yet he hasn't moved on from his broken marriage. While he is stuck in this rut he meets an Samantha, an operating system. The relationship is a "real relationship" for what it's worth.

The reality is that Theodore is able to communicate, heal and find love with something (someone) that reciprocates the same emotions. Samantha gives him the ability to move forward in a physical world.

'Her' is a movie that showcases the possibility of falling in love with something or someone that isn't real. This movie is a true testament to virtual love in a day and age when catfishing, skyping and cyber-relationships are the norm.