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It's a fight to escape the infected zone in Code Red

Code Red


With zombie movies being all the rage it seems a new one seems to come out all the time now. Most of them are pretty bad, but every so often a good one rises from the grave. The latest, Code Red looks to take the more action approach to the genre, but does it have the goods it needs to make it worth being reanimated or should it have stayed buried.

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Code Red follows a US Special Forces Captain and NATO doctor who fight to escape the infected zone of frenzied mutants that have raised from the dead, due to a horrific biochemical weapon that surfaces in Bulgaria. On the surface this film sports a decent idea, but on execution not so much. There is plenty of action and gory shoot outs, but the acting itself is pretty bad. The make-up effects of the mutant zombies is actually pretty good and about the only thing that helps this movie step out of complete low budget obscurity. The choice to shoot the film with mostly grey tones worked for the most part to create the tone of the film, but at the same time it makes things hard to see at times and started feeling forced at times. This is one of those movies that could have worked way better had it not tried to take itself so seriously. There are way too many moments where they try to step away from the zombie action and build more drama that just wasn’t working in the finished product.

Make no mistake there needs to be a good deep story within an idea like this; it just needs to be more cohesive and better structured. This is far from a horrible movie and actually entertains through the zombie action stuff, but just doesn’t deliver enough to work completely. In the end this genre is one of those that everyone has their own opinions so make your own when it hits stores on February 4th.