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It's a 7th Street Entry Sampler Review! (04/18/14)

Mally, Jimmy 2 Times, Last Word, and Haphduzn's 7th Street Entry Show


When I had heard Mally was having an album release show at the one and only 7th Street Entry on April 18th, I was both incredibly excited yet nervous. I was excited to see a man of whom's music I adore in many ways perform in his prime, but nervous in the sense that I had heard of but not seen the acts of which preceded his act. On that chilly evening in April, my expectations paled in comparison.

MaLLyIt was a great night with great performances, and great photography! If you like the photography, check out Tom Perowitz Facebook Page!
Photo Credits: Tom Perowitz ( )

For Jimmy 2 Times, his performance consisted of warming up and keeping the audiences warmed up in spaces on the set. He has an incredible sense of doing so, as his interactions often times overcame what DJ's are expected to do. His knowledgeability of the genre gave him the tools necessary to not just make interesting mashups and remixes, but to appeal to very fan in the crowd.

I had of heard of Haphduzn before this point. Being put on the illustrious "Welcome to Minnesota Tour" in 2012 with some of the state's most notable emcees is enough to build a lot of hype. But, the method of the hype's madness is incredibly just. With the magnetic energy of Homeboy Sandman, the onstage presence of James Brown's hip-hop reincarnation, and a couple heartbeats away from the lyrical prowess of Brother Ali, the man commanded his set. In the front left area of the gallery, many dedicated fans had come to see him, but not even halfway through the show even newbies were listening and singing along to his choruses. Lines like "How can you have swag if ya ain't got soul?" And songs like "Brand New Nostalgia" accumulated into a thunderstorm of confidence and momentum shifting invigoration.

There is so little one can assume when seeing Mally in show. Playful in demeanor of his appearance, but precise and professional is his motivation. Despite the bar being set incredibly high, the man rose to the occasion and rose the anticipating, if semi-exhausted, audience to their feet. With a complete comfort in his actions, MaLLy destroyed his set. Enough so to justify a double encore and a swarm of people congratulating him for a CD release party well done. As the night on, a handful of the performers fondly told stories of the first time they met MaLLy and when he battled. It was a very inclusive show that reflects the inclusiveness of the music itself.


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