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It Had to be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


It could be that I'm the last person on Earth to read this but just in case you happen to miss this book I'm here to tell you - don't wait any longer. This is an awesome story.

But, of course, you'll want to know a bit more about Phoebe Somerville and her return home after her father's death. It was at her father's funeral that she showed up dressed to the nines, with her poodle, and her friend Viktor - who most onlookers thought to be her lover. Oh, sure, the poodle does his business on the casket and Phoebe makes a spectacle of herself. At least she figures that she won't have to be around for very long. She knows that her father disinherited her years earlier.

Dale Calebow, coach of the Chicago Stars, learns of that Phoebe has in fact inherited the team and will be his boss. Even though Phoebe has no intention of taking over her father's team he finally convinces her that she has to step up and take this responsibility. Unfortunately, the both have difficulty working together without acting on the attraction between them.

If this were just a story about a misunderstood rich girl, a former NFL quarterback, and a football team fighting for a championship it would still be a good story. However, It Had to be You is about so much more. Phoebe has also become her younger half-sister's guardian and is trying to find a way to reach out to the young woman. Dale is trying to finally leave his ex-wife's influence to find a nice woman to settle down with. Phoebe is also dealing with her troubled background even as she's working to portray herself as an uncaring woman.

If you've read any of Susan Elizabeth Phillips books then you know what a genius she has for character and dialogue. It Had to Be You is no exception and I know you'll enjoy it, too!