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Isle of Man: Book Two in the Park Service Trilogy - Ryan Winfield

Isle of Man: Book Two of The Park Service Trilogy


Isle of Man: Book Two in the Park Service Trilogy, the journey continues...

After discovering the horrific truth behind the Park Service, fifteen-year old Aubrey Van Houten has overthrown its leader with the help of his best friend Jimmy and his girlfriend Hannah. But their victory has left all three parentless and alone in a world where drones still hunt humans. And while the Park Service founder might be dead, he's far from gone. Now, Aubrey's quest to free his people will lead him even farther into a world where nothing is what it seems.

As book two in this trilogy unfolds the reader is taken along on an emotional ride that seems at time far too much for young Aubrey to handle. The very things that have helped him remain strong in the face of adversity; true friendship, trust in the few people remaining in his world, and the hope for love, seem to be the very things that could potentially crush his spirit as one by one they become things he must question.

Ryan Winfield has improved his writing with each new book, but still leaves the reader wondering how one so young and naïve could survive such pressures. For this reason the third installment in The Park Service trilogy will be anxiously awaited by readers of the first two.