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Isadora Daystar by P.I. Barrington & Loni Emmert

An Isadora Daystar Adventure!
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Isadora Daystar


Isadora Daystar, a dark sci-fi thriller, is the latest collaborative effort by fellow writers and sisters P. I. Barrington and Loni Emmert. Together they have created one of the most memorably flawed characters since Ursula Le Guin’s Genly Ai in “The Left Hand of Darkness”. Chock full of adventure, crazy characters, and outrageous situations, Isadora Daystar delivers on every level!

The year is 2133, and the world is a much different place. Humans and aliens live among each other and interplanetary travel is commonplace. Poor Isadora can’t seem to catch a break. She’s a failure as an assassin which is sad considering it’s how she supports her drug habit. With no money she is forced to prostitute herself to survive. On one of her interplanetary trips she meets a teenage girl with a big heart and an attitude that rivals her own. Together the two embark on a journey that will forever alter their lives!

Isadora Daystar is met with contempt wherever she goes, rivaled only by her own self-loathing. Existing rather than living and often suffering from drug withdrawals, her body is a battlefield of war wounds, battered and bruised, and sometimes laced with poison. Still, she finds a way to keep going. However it isn’t until she meets Iphedea that we witness flecks of compassion in Isadora. I found myself rooting for her, sympathizing with her, and just loving this genuinely wonderful character. Isadora Daystar is a true gem!

Isadora Daystar was released on Smashwords July 26, 2011 and is available on Smashwords, Kindle/, and wherever ebooks are sold. P.I. Barrington is the author of the Future Imperfect series, a sci-fi trilogy published by Desert Breeze Publishing, and Loni Emmert is the author of Lights, Camera, Murder a cozy mystery published by Hilliard & Harris. Barrington and Emmert co-authored Button Hollow Chronicles #1: The Leaf Peeper Murders, a cozy mystery published by Mainly Murder Press. They are members of Sisters in Crime, both the Los Angeles and National chapters, and Emmert is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Steampunk Writers and Artists Guild (SWAG).

P. I. Barrington and Loni Emmert are California natives with a fondness for New Hampshire where they have many happy childhood memories. Before taking up writing full time, Barrington worked in the entertainment industry as a newspaper journalist, radio air talent, and at a major record company. Emmert currently works in the music industry and writes full time.

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