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Is Mythos in Islands of Adventure the "#1 theme park restaurant in the world"?

A light fixture in Mythos.
A light fixture in Mythos.
Becky Ginther

Mythos Restaurant


When you arrive at Mythos, a sit-down restaurant located in Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, the first thing you probably notice is the huge building and amazing architecture that this restaurant is housed in. The second thing to catch your eye very well might be that sign saying that Mythos was voted the "#1 theme park restaurant in the world" 6 years in a row. Hard to believe when you consider the quality of restaurants in so many theme parks, including, of course, Disney World, which boasts a number of high-quality, signature restaurants.

The Roman Panini at Mythos.
Becky Ginther

The Atmosphere
I arrived after a rainstorm, about 15 minutes before the restaurant closed, but they were able to seat me right away with only a 5 minute wait. The architecture on the inside is very fun, and features mythological creatures, such as the stunning light fixtures on the ceiling and tiles on the floor.

The tables were also regal looking and large, though the chairs seemed rather uncomfortable for such a nice restaurant. There seemed to be a good amount of distance between tables, as no one else's conversations could reach me. In addition, there is a nice outdoor seating area under an overhang that would be great if it wasn't too hot out.

The Food
I started off my meal by ordering the drink special, a Bay Breeze, which had vodka, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. It was very refreshing and certainly generous with the vodka. Before the entree was brought out I was given a basket of rosemary bread with butter. The bread was extremely flavorful, and a great way to start off the meal.

For my entree I ordered the Roman Panini. This Panini has steak, pepperoni, roasted peppers, mozzarella, and basil on it. It also came with an order of fries. I really enjoyed the panini, since the combination of items on it was something unique that I hadn't tried before. The french fries were just your standard fries, nothing too special.

The Service
While the food was good, the thing I was most impressed with at Mythos was the service. I was dining by myself, and when my waiter noticed that he made sure to come over and talk to me, keep me company, and make conversation about the park during any down time. He truly went the extra mile and I appreciate it. He also told me some fun facts about the park that I hadn't known.

Service was also pretty quick, which is important when you're inside a theme park. When I was trying to decide what to order I also got some good advice and honest opinions, which helped make my decision easier.

I wouldn't say Mythos is the best theme park restaurant. In recent years Bistro de Paris at Disney World has taken the title, which makes a lot more sense to me. But the food at Mythos was really good, the themeing of the restaurant was a lot of fun, and the service was fantastic. The prices were also really reasonable for a sit-down restaurant in an Orlando theme park. I paid about $10 for my sandwich and $5 for my drink. If I'm in Islands of Adventure again, Mythos will definitely be the place I head to for a good meal.

Mythos is located in Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure park. It is open for lunch and dinner, but hours vary depending on the park hours.

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