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Is Monday Night Football a blessing or a curse?

(MNF) a blessing or Curse?
(MNF) a blessing or Curse?

Detroit Lions lose after playing Monday Night Football


Every team likes the idea of playing football on Monday night. The game is at the center of the pro-football world. All the other players are home nursing their injuries -- watching your team and those other guys.

But is (MNF) a blessing or a curse?

The Detroit Lions for example, were un-defeated going into a week 5 - (MNF) match-up with the Chicago Bears -- they won ‘24 to 13.’ Coming off the short work week, (by one day) the Lions lost to the San Francisco 49ers ‘25 to 19’ in week 6. The Lions, played probably their worst game of the season.

The Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos on (MNF) week 1 by ‘23 to 20.’ They lost to the Buffalo Bills by a field goal, ‘38 to 35’ in week 2.

Still not convinced about (MNF)?

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins ‘18 to 16' on (MNF) week 3, they lost to the Lions ‘34 to 30' the following Sunday. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, won ‘24 to 17‘ against the hapless Indianapolis Colts in week 4 on “MNF.” The following Sunday, The 49ers blitzed them ‘48 to 3.’

The New England Patriots and the New York Giants are the only exceptions so far to this trend, having won both their (MNF) game and their following short work week contest.

What does this football conjecture mean, probably that playing after a short work week is more disadvantageous than advantage. The stress of knowing, that all the other guys are watching you play, adds to the (MNF) burden.

At any rate, one can only wonder if (MNF) is a blessing or a curse. And, after your team plays on (MNF) and loses the next game, you decide for yourself?