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Is Katy Perry poised to launch Hollywood movie career with Birthday video?

Katy Perry - Birthday (Official Video)


Last month Katy Perry released a highly entertaining music video revealing her serious acting chops for her new single Birthday. This week Perry released more fun footage for the single that is currently #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (May 29). Directed by Marc Klasfeld and Danny Lockwood is a colorful and dazzling party starring Katy Perry playing 5 loveable characters. One might suspect that this is Katy Perry’s audition reel for a major Hollywood film career. Her acting is as good, if not better than any Saturday Night Live superstar. The video set with the upbeat and flirtatious Birthday track begins with a title across the screen letting us in on the joke that during April 2014, Katy Perry attended 5 birthday parties, and nobody knew it was her. Thus begins The World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers program served up reality TV show style. One by one we get to meet the hysterically outlandish cast of characters up front and personal, all played by Perry, in confessional moments before they head out to their respective birthday parties.

Is Katy Perry preparing for a movie career by revealing her serious acting chops?
Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Goldie the Dancer is senor stripper with large exposed breasts in a very skimpy gold-lamé outfit. She claims she ran with the Brat Pack in Vegas and that The Lady is a Tramp was actually written about her. Goldie visits an old folks home where she entertains all the seniors during a gentleman’s birthday party. She makes her entrance popping out of a large birthday cake and give the lap dance of her life to the birthday boy. This scene is great fun. Perry remains unrecognizable in her character, as she dances and plays with all of the seniors who most likely would not have a clue who Katy Perry is. They had the time of their lives as Goldie the Dancer’s zest for life was super-infectious.

Yosef Shulem—The MC is the Jewish party guy. Hosting a young boy’s bar mitzvah, Yosef almost has more fun than his audience, spinning on the floor, rapping to music and eating the family’s food before it is served up. Perry is dressed in a prosthetic and is quite convincing playing the stereotypical character of Yosef. There was a woman in the audience who resembled and acted like Gilda Radner, another moment giving the video its Saturday Night Live vibe.

Kriss the Clown is in way over her head with the bunch of kids. Kriss is a party person and just took the job to make some cash. After getting flustered with balloon time and the kids driving her crazy, Kriss runs into the street away from the chaos, only to almost get hit by a car. Instead the car misses Kriss and slams into a parked vehicle across the road. Kriss the Clown hits the bottle, but eventually comes around to the kids where he is quite appreciated and starts to enjoy the party.

Ace the Animal Trainer gave a group of kids a birthday they would never forget. This animal trainer brought lots of little white mice. He did not know quite what to do with the furry little critters in front of the kids, so he dangled it over his head, and just like the aliens did in the TV show “V,” Ace opened his mouth wide and went to swallow a mouse whole. The kids began to get sick and stunned. Ace ended up chewing and gagging on the mouse and then fell over. The crowd went crazy and a cupcake fight ensues. Ace the Animal Trainer gets covered in blue frosting to everyone’s delight—even his.

Princess Mandee is perhaps the funniest character of them all. It is very clear that Perry modeled Princess Mandee after Paris Hilton. Perry is dressed in a bleach blond wig, wears all pink and speaks almost perfect Paris Hilton dialect. She does not miss a beat here and there are some very funny moments. The big reveal to this group of children comes from Princess Mandee who was reading fairy tales and badly painting the little girls’ faces. At the end of her show, Mandee stands up and declares, “I’m not like a professional face painter. I’m Katy Perry.” With that, Perry takes off her wig and the little girls scream in complete disbelief and amazement. It such an endearing moment the way the girls showed their undeniable love for the superstar singer.

Hardly children’s music, the Birthday video’s track features the lyrics:

”So let me get you in your birthday suit, it’s time to bring you the big balloons…I’ll be your gift. Give you something good to celebrate!”

It is quite interesting to note the contrast between the adult lyrics and children’s birthday parties, but yes indeed the kids young and old love Katy Perry. This music video should cement that love even further as we've never seen Perry so committed to characters while delivering wonderful accents and dead-on dialects the way she does in Birthday.

On a final note, the video lasts just over 8 minutes in length. Complete with end credits and shenanigans and even a final out-take scene at the very end. Katy Perry does it right from beginning to end. The Birthday video is a triumph and a true rare gem in today’s pop music landscape and should truly help Perry score another #1 Billboard chart hit.

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