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Is DISH better than Cable?

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Deciding whether to get cable or satellite is not as simple as deciding whether or not you want a dish hanging off your roof. It also has a lot to do with rates and availability of channels, but the other things to consider are how much will cost to get a landline phone or internet separate. Ugh! Not fun. Seemingly the cable companies have decided that it is more cost effective for you or them (not sure), to get a bundled package with all three. Well I suggest to those who would like to save a buck or two to shop around.

A good bet is DISH which has tried to think of everything y designed several types of packages. They start from being able to get over 190 channels or over 290 and somewhere in between.

As with most services there is DVR service but what makes DISH different is that you are able to record 4 primetime shows plus 2 other shows at the same time, it also allows you to download shows and transfer to your mobile device, so you can enjoy even when there cell service doesn't exist. Also, you are able to automatically skip commercials with the AutoHop feature when you record using the PrimeTime Anytime capability.

If wires annoy the heck out of you then use the Wireless Joey or just stick to the app which you can access through your LG Smart TV or Sony PlayStation 3. Or just go with wired version which records about 8 channels at once.
It also makes it easy to find certain programs by using game finder which will show you all the matches that are currently being played as well as their scores.

Lastly, don’t forget the DISH Anywhere app, it allows you to access the Hopper and many, many On Demand shows and movies on your iPad, Android tablets or Kindle HDX and smartphones as well.
Yes it’s a mouthful but sometimes you just have to ask yourself is cable worth it?