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Is Chicago PD a hit or a flop?

Chicago PD first episode


What did viewers think of the first episode of the anticipated new series Chicago PD? Word has been spreading for months about the Chicago Fire spin off Chicago PD and it finally premiere this week. Viewers are saying it is much more intense then Chicago Fire, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Cop dramas are not as easy as the fire fighter drama of Chicago Fire. Cop dramas need a higher action level. Chicago PD started off the series right with a suspenseful first episode.
For audience members who were fans of Chicago Fire, there are many familiar faces as well as many new faces. Many cast members from Chicago Fire made short appearances on the first episode of Chicago PD. Why hire extras when you have the entire cast of the first drama at your disposal.
The first episode sets up for something that was highly advertised, the question of whether Detective Voight is a good cop or a bad cop. Fans of Chicago Fire will most likely scream “bad cop,” but based on the first episode of Chicago PD, it is hard to say. Viewers of Chicago PD that have never seen Chicago Fire would most likely stand up for Detective Voight and call him a “good cop,” hands down.
Those audience members who saw Chicago Fire and are giving Voight a chance are going to have a hard time deciding whether they think he is a “good cop” or a “bad cop.” He has done some many bad things in the past on Chicago Fire, but so far on Chicago PD we have mainly seen a caring guy who works hard to save some kids from the wrong side of the street.
Not only do viewers need to decide on which side they stand on when it comes to Detective Voight, but they will also have to decide if they will return to the series every week. There will not be a decision on the renewal of a second season until the show has a few weeks of reviews and ratings. If you are interested in Chicago PD stay tuned each week and see if they renew for season two.