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Is Birchbox the box for you?



In the world of beauty boxes, there are few that stack up like Birchbox.
A beauty box subscription which started in fall of 2010, and has accelerated to the place of excellence. It is one of the fastest growing box memberships in New York City, and continues to grow at record speeds, without any notions of slowing down. The box is offered for men and women (or you may do both to get the most for your dollar), it focuses on high end products for both genders.
It begins with a twist. When trying to apply for your box, you actually apply for a place on a list. This list is for new members, which keeps the actual membership total at a particular number. When a spot becomes available, the individual receives an email giving a limited amount of time to join. If the "want to be” member does not join, the spot will go to the next in line. It is a genius way to keep the memberships at a manageable number. However, it is a given that this number must be revisited on numerous occasions due to the growing popularity.
Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna are the duo that has made this beauty notion come to life. They have taken away the confusing clutter of so many products hitting the airways at the same time, and stream line products into smaller digestible pieces of information for the customer to consume and understand. The most important aspect, is that the box is exciting to receive. A box that you are not sure what will be included within, but knowing it will be awesome and outstanding, and with the excitement of a holiday present.
The subscriptions are $10 for monthly women boxes and $20 for monthly men boxes. Combine the on line magazine and the YouTube videos of applications of products, it is like obtaining a masters in beauty with little effort. So for all the busy guys and gals, beauty is just a box away. This reviewer has tied Birchbox with Glossy box for first place, with the amount and quality of product and with the exceptional presentation with each box. Great job!!! It is truly love at box sight.
Until next time when we will review two more boxes that are tied for runner up- so stay beautiful from the inside out.